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zaz’s little adventure

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:46pm

I’m home from all my adventuring and feeling quite a bit better this afternoon. I believe that hospital stories are really only interesting to the person telling them so I’ll just hit the highlights.

The weather stayed pretty much on the line between awful and okay. Mom had a panic attack because we weren’t planning on having the folks actually at the hospital the day of surgery. Dad was supposed to take me up Tuesday and pick my up Thursday. I stayed in the hospitality rooms at the hospital Tuesday night since I needed to check in at 6:30 AM. Mom and Dad ended up staying in a hotel room so she could be there just in case something unexpected happened. Probably it was just as well given the state of the roads.

After a mostly sleepless night I rolled down to the North Entrance of the hospital and found a nice person who found out for me where I was supposed to go and took me there. They really do have nice people working there. I don’t have a bad word to say about anyone. From there, I went to the angio lab where I had a Vena Cava Filter installed which prevents possible pulmonary embolism. It’s a little weird to think that this little tiny metal umbrella is going to sit in my vena cava from now on - but there you go. It’s apparently possible to remove it should that ever be necessary.

Then we sailed through the hospital up to where I was supposed to have a room before lap-band surgery - but I guess it was time for surgery already ’cause off I went to pre-surgical holding where a parade of people came to talk about the procedure and I saw the doc briefly. Mom and dad were brought in for about 10 seconds and I was able to reassure her that I was doing fine. I don’t remember much of anything between “we’re going to give you this shot to relax you” and coming out of anesthesia in recovery. I was in such a lot of pain waking up that I remember thinking that I had changed my mind and didn’t want to have this done after all.

They pump your abdominal cavity up with gas while they do the laparoscopic procedure and apparently my rib cage and sternum were not amused by this. I have not had that much pain from the actual surgical sites but my chest was miserable. It’s feeling a lot better today and I’m even able to take some deep breaths. Apparently my heart wasn’t happy about the gas either as I heard them talking about the number of PVCs I was throwing. All of that improved when I could start getting some air in my lungs.

Finally, off to a very comfortable room that was not at all where they said I’d be. By that time, the worst of the pain was done. My chest hurt from time to time but I don’t have a lot to complain about. Still, I admit I was missing the intravenous morphine last night when I tried to sleep at home. Mom and Dad visited only a few minutes while I was still groggy but it reassured Mom and they were able to go home before the weather got worse. I was up and walking around about an hour after I got to the room and changed into my jammies from home which were way more comfortable than the hospital gown. I “ate” dinner a few hours later and I was actually a little hungry. It was a challenge to get down the little bit of soup and milk and lemon fluff but it also made my throat feel better. That’s weird feeling. I’ve been eating a half a cup of strained cream of chicken soup the past forty minutes while I’ve been writing this and I have probably a third of it left to go. I imagine that will improve as the initial swelling from the surgery eases off in a couple weeks.

And that’s pretty much it. They decided at one point that I wasn’t peeing enough so they started pushing the iv fluid, yippie. It gave me the opportunity to get up and walk several times during the night. Between that and getting my vitals done every half hour I didn’t sleep a lot Thursday night. Saw Dr. Fattie in the morning and he pronounced me well enough to go home. He said the surgery was hard because my liver was still very large. That was just weird! I’ve been on reduced fat and calories for months and I did pretty well on the liquid died. I won’t claim 100% perfect but pretty close! Oh well, it’s done anyway. The weather was damp and foggy all day - it’s finally cleared up nicely today, isn’t that a surprise?

At any rate, that’s the whole story. I’m home, I slept okay last night but I’m still tired and sore. I’m up and down - and at least getting off the bed is becoming easier, yay! I follow up in a couple weeks and will be on an all liquid diet until then. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, healing energy, positive vibes and prayers!

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