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William Chanter- Another in a Long Line of Diabetic Sailors

Posted Jun 21 2013 5:56pm
     This July, another crew of adventurers will push the boundaries of what is possible with diabetes. William Chanter and Tom Baker will attempt to sail 55 around the Isle of Wright in England. The Isle of Wright is a small island off the coast of Great Britain and is the smallest county in England on a high tide. On a low tide it becomes the second smallest county.
     William, 16, and Tom, 14, will sail a 29er dinghy, which is an open 14.4-foot boat sailed by two. This is high intensity sailing. These boats are designed to be raced with the sailors hanging over the side and hiking onto the rails to keep the boat upright. This is no pleasure cruise on a stable boat. These men will be working full time in a very athletic manner, which, of course, will make keeping stable blood sugars a challenge. But these guys are experienced and well prepared for every possibility on the water.
     Their trip will be the first recorded circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight in a 29er dinghy. The first by a youth (under 17) helm and crew and the first by a crew and helm who both have Type 1 diabetes. That’s a lot of firsts for two boys who are still finishing up high school. 
     William is using his adventure as a way to raise 5000 pounds for JDRF. He is currently 64% of the way there. If you want to help him, check out his Firstgiving page .

Erin: Can you give me a brief diabetes diagnosis story?

William: I was 6 years and getting very thirsty. My parents recognized the signs and the Doctor diagnosed me straight away and then I was admitted to hospital. I quite enjoyed it, lots of toys and games, I never really felt ill and it was snowing too.

Erin: How do you control your diabetes? Pump, Dexcom, Continuous Glucose Monitor, shots, insulins, etc?
William: MDI plus Acucheck Expert

Erin: What is your current sugar of choice when you are low? 
William: Lindt Chocolate

Erin: What is your favorite diabetic product/ technology/ strategy? 
William: The website I designed:

Erin: A penguin walks through the door wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?
William: “Hi, like my hat?”  He sells hats.

Erin: What song describes your diabetes life/ your sailing life/ or just plain life?
William: "Survival" by Muse

Erin: Bill Gates walks into your office and says you can have fifty million dollars to launch your best diabetes technology item. What can it do?
William: A tiny AP with a small flexible cannula the size of a human hair linked via Bluetooth to any android device.

Erin: What is the last place you sailed?
William: Bough Beech SC, Kent, UK

Erin: What type of boat do you own or want to own?
William: I own a 29er. I want to own a J Class Yacht.

Erin: What are your five top tips for diabetics who sail?
William: Go for it. Test before you go afloat. Take a snack in a waterproof container. Tell the rescue team you have T1.
Go for it.

Erin: What is your scariest/best sailing experience?
William: Nothing

Erin: What is your next big adventure, sailing or otherwise?
William: Sailing around the Isle of Wight in my 29er

Erin: Who do you want to give a random shout out to?
William: Hello, Sir Ben Ainslie

Erin: What is your favorite book/movie/song/magazine?
William: Book- Higher Performance Sailing, Bethwaite. Movies- The Hobbit and Fast & Furious 5.  Song- "Skyfall"  by Adele.  Mag- Wired.

Erin: If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out of it?
William: I’d draw an escape hatch and climb through it.

Erin: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
William: Vin Diesel

Erin: Pick two celebrities (diabetes, sailing, or otherwise) to be your parents. Who would they be and why?
William: Larry Ellison & Dawn French. Larry for sailing passion and wealth. Dawn as she is one the funniest and loveliest women in the world.

Erin: What's in your fridge right now?
William: Lindt chocolate, Cadbury chocolate, juice, insulin and a glucagon injection.

Erin: What's the next organ you'd be willing to lose?
William: None, I like all my organs.

Erin: How do people find out more about you? 
And you can find William Chanter on Facebook .

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