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What should a type 2 diabetic eat?

Posted Feb 11 2011 5:17am
If you are a type 2 diabetic, it is the right thing you consult a physician and get type 2 diabetes medications to overcome the ailment embracing you, and making you worried about your body condition. He can rightly suggest prescription pills by directing you to keep on tablets on the simple and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are kept in the list of diabetic sugars like glucose, fructose and lactose. These are found with good proportion in refined sugar or sweeteners. There are some foods high in simple carbohydrates, a little amount being found in certain fruit varieties as well.

What are complex carbohydrates?

Complex carbohydrates constitute starches, the simple sugars in the chemical bond. Since the complex carbohydrates go for slow digestion process in the body, the foods high in complex carbohydrates are tagged in the list of healthier foods good for all, specifically benefitting the diabetics. As such, the high carb foods recommended for type 2 diabetics are whole grains, beans, nuts, and green vegetables. These are highly recommended for consuming with diabetes because they are all good sources of energy as well as dietary fiber.

What is good for type 2 diabetes cure?

As plant based diets do not cause high blood sugar problems, eating natural and plant foods can do all the good things for a diabetic. Avoiding saturated fat is good for a diabetic body. So, making choices of foods like non fat dairy products, legumes, poultries without skin, fish and lean meats can help you a lot as they are all low in fat. These foods are potent to lower down high calorie and help burn the foods slowly to save energy. A type 2 diabetic is expected to consume foods low in calorie as well as foods high in nutritional values. High calorie foods can produce energy with surprising ‘Fast’, but it can last only for a short time after which the body goes down in vigor and gets fatigue. If the diabetic is consuming low calorie foods, the energy production is comparatively slow and the body is kept rejuvenated by a slow but continuous process.
Keep safe with type 2 diabetes diet plan:

If you are having type 2 diabetes symptoms and eating foods with saturated fat, make it a point to have the calorie level in the range 7 to 10%. Also care should be given to see what you eat constitute protein intake in normal measure of 15 to 20%. Just try this and keep safe from bodily disorders.
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