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what is my risk of spreading genital herpes if i dont have an outbreak

Posted by jack1227

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If you have a history of genital herpes, you can spread your infection to your partner, even when you don't have any symptoms. So the recommendation is to use a condom always, and avoid sexual activity any time you have any symptoms, even before you can see any new outbreak. Women with herpes are even more likely to spread the infection, because they may not feel any symptoms from an outbreak that involves just the cervix. You might also talk to your doctor about ongoing treatment to suppress the herpes and reduce your risk of transmitting it to your partner. 

But Doc, what if I am infected with genital herpes HPV1 (you know, the mouth type) and am or am not having a genital outbreak, am I still contagious through my mouth? Is it safe for me to share an ice cream cone or perform oral sex on my partner if I have Genital herpes?
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