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What Can Diabetics Eat – A Survey on Apples

Posted Dec 23 2011 9:15am
If you are suffering in life with diabetes or pre diabetes, it’s natural that you are worried of finding answer for the question: What can diabetics eat to overcome diabetes? And if you consult your doctor, you may be advised to go for eating low carb diet high in protein. You’ve some fruits and veggies with rich inclusion of vitamins and minerals to improve health. Let’s consider apples here for this choice as it’s also a healthy and nutritious food.

What can a diabetic eat with increased blood sugar?

When it comes to what foods can diabetics eat, it’ll be safe for a diabetic to choose eating low glycemic index foods. When eating foods of low glycemic index, the insulin produced in your body works more effectively. Apple has 38 as glycemic index. Comparatively, apples are better choice than cereals, breads, chips, and any other fast food when you search for foods with low glycemic reading. Apples are also rich in Vitamins to keep your body healthy.

A wrong opinion for contest:

Apart from a basic question like “Can diabetics eat fruits?”, some people are of wrong opinion that eating an apple is just to increase sugar levels and worsen the body’s condition. It’s here contested with a strong claim that consuming apples controls sugar increase in the body. And it’s recommended that one need not go for clinical treatment and prescription medication.

Diabetes food plan:

Any diabetes food plan should include eating apple on daily basis as eating an apple of size 2 ½ inches and weighing 110gms can prove lot of wonders in controlling diabetes. This statement has a strong support as one such small apple is potent to burn the food producing 55 calories with 12 carb grams. Apples are storage houses for rich vitamins. Especially, if you are searching for dietary fiber source, then apples are best choice. The outer tender skin is full of antioxidants. So, it is suggested to eat apple without peeling the skins and get the maximum benefits of your diet choice.

Proven efficacy:

The efficacy of consuming apples can be proved with simple study of blood sugar levels within 24 hours after eating an apple. A sure decline of sugar level can be noticed if you take readings for every half an hour using a domestic gluco-meter. If you draw a graph of sugar level track, you will be surprised to see that the graph slides down from the top just after consuming an apple. If you have high blood sugar, the result will be seen with about 40 mg/dl decrease of blood sugar in half an hour. This 24 hours test varies from GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) where the absorption of sugar for burning energy is studied by taking one cup of glucose water for every half an hour and noticing sugar levels.

A final claim on diabetic diet:

So it’s just right to claim: Foods that a diabetic can eat is one apple daily as all the benefits can be enjoyed when diabetic.
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