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What Are the Warning Signs of Diabetes Type 2 – Learn These And Be Safe

Posted Apr 30 2010 10:09am
Juvenile diabetes which is otherwise known as type 1 diabetes has its onset in childhood or early adolescence. In spite of prescription medication there seems no permanent cure for juvenile diabetes. Diabetes is somewhat a different disorder of the body that has to be treated throughout the whole life span. Type 1 diabetes is indeed a severe condition of diabetes type 2. It’s so because the condition is similar to insulin dependent diabetes that can alert you with warning signs. As there is no specific cure for the same the diabetic has to learn to manage on identifying the warning signs of diabetes type 2.

The onset of diabetes type 2 causes damage to body metabolism and diminishes the body’s latent immune system. The condition becomes serious and begins to destroy beta cells clustered in the pancreas. Consequently, the pancreas sets down impotent with inability to insulin production. The blood glucose level increases in the blood stream leading to injecting insulin to tune the functional efficiency of the pancreas. The piling up of the excess blood sugar begins to cause many bodily complications. This is of course one of the warning signs of diabetes type 2.

Signs of diabetes type 2

Here are some important serious signs of diabetes type 2. The symptoms and signs of type 2 diabetes should be recognized as early as possible just for the simple reason to avoid diabetes complications. Here are some warning signs of juvenile diabetes.

Excessive urination and bed wetting:
Since it is concerned with childhood disorder the frequent bed wetting may be a dilemma to the parents in child care in the early childhood. The stoppage of bed wetting in the early childhood may sometimes be tentative. If the child starts again bed wetting or frequent urination or excessive urination you have to suspect for onset of a warning sign of juvenile diabetes.

Excessive thirst and excessive hunger: These two go hand in hand with the onset of juvenile diabetes. This is due to the insulin volume falling down to zero level. This in turn results in bad craving for drinking water in excess and eating in volume.

Extreme fatigue and collapsing: As there is insufficient insulin production needed to the body, energy of the body will be naturally sinking down. So, the diabetic may feel extreme fatigue and his body vigor may collapse to NIL grade.

Other warning signs of diabetes:
• Body weight loss – suddenly

• Blurred vision

• Developing yeast infection and wounds not healing soon

Beware of these and save your kids from diabetes risks.
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