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What Are the Normal Blood Glucose Levels You Have in Your Body?

Posted Feb 17 2010 5:30pm
Whether you are diabetic or not, maintaining normal blood glucose levels is something which you must pay attention to ensure healthy life. Many people don’t think about their health condition with reference to blood sugar in their body. It’s rather insensible to justify themselves that variation in body’s blood sugar is not a matter to concern much. It’s ok! But what about the normal levels of blood glucose to maintain? Is,t not a very serious matter if you are not able to keep a check on your blood sugar levels? Sure it’s because Glucose is your prime energy source that decides your diabetic condition. Justify Full
Glucose is produced in your body from what you eat with much of carbohydrates. However, the glucose levels are controlled by insulin so that you have normal levels. The normal levels should lie between 70 – 170 dl/ml. It is the work of your pancreas to produce insulin needed to your body. If the release of insulin falls short of the required level the problem starts to tell upon your normal blood glucose levels. The glucose content in the blood stream varies beyond normalcy.

Normal levels of blood glucose

The glucose level in the morning before eating food may sometimes be under 70. After eating it may shoot up fast and glide towards 170. If it is somewhat more above it is not a matter to be worried. Though the glucose levels do not fall in the range 70 – 170, it happens so in many cases of diabetics. So, there is nothing for serious concern. However it will be safe for you if the levels fall in the range 80 - 150.

Abnormal levels of blood glucose

If the glucose level stays below 70dl/ml when measured after eating food it is the indication of hypoglycemic condition with low sugar. If it is in an elevated level above 170dl/ml in empty stomach in the morning it is a condition of hyperglycemia. These two conditions are to be seriously viewed. These are diagnosed as abnormal levels of blood glucose in the blood stream.

How to treat diabetes?

People that are having consistently low or high blood glucose levels are diagnosed as diabetics. They should learn efficiently to manage diabetes with them. Diabetes can be prevented or managed without any risky consequences if early treatment is started with warning symptoms of diabetes. There are tablets and insulin injections to take depending on the type of diabetes.

You can be safe if you start early treatment to control glucose levels when you have warning symptoms of diabetes.

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