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Wednesday Five

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:06pm

In honour of making it mid-way through another week and half way through the 15th year of my Diabetes...

Candid Diabetes is proud to shove down your gullet bring you:

THE WEDNESDAY ((-ednesday- esday-day )) FIVE ((-ive- ive-ve ))

Was that a total miss on the echo thing? And really, how is one supposed to give literary 'voice' to an echo without actually prefacing it with the word *echo*?? Ah well, A+ for trying I say.

  1. My Money Saving Tips for Diabetics has been republished on the JDRF website. I am stoked about this, and hoping that JDRF Canada will pick the post up as well!
  2. My webpage is starting to sear my eyeballs. It's really quite bilious and, well, pinkold. Although I am a fairly talented artist (you should see my rendition of some Robert Bateman works) and quite capable in html formatting, I do not have the time to redress this site. So if anyone can recommend a good blog designer, I'm all ears!
  3. I want this for Christmas (are you listening, guys??). The 'why' is partially explained by number 2. I checked on ebay to see if I could buy a newer used one but these babies are going for exorbitant amounts for previously owned tablets. Someone please stick one of these suckers under the Christmas tree for me!
  4. Has anyone tried Activia yogurt from Danone? This food does amazingly wicked things to my blood glucose levels! It's like Symlin with strawberry flavouring (and amazingly less expensive). It may rate it's own post...
  5. September 2nd marked three months wearing the 522 TGMS system (more details forthcoming). It's pumpy love. Of course, as with any true love/hate relationship, there are parts of my little buddy that I would like to change...(again, more details to come). It's efficacy will be partially proven or debunked upon the results of my A1c test (to be taken this week), which is forecasted - using the calculations on the left sidebar of this blog in conjunction with the sensor averages - to be a decent 6.2%.

I now leave you with a very educational instruction on cuss words, compliments of Maxine:


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