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Wed 11th

Posted Oct 01 2008 9:11pm
Ooh this is so bad, tried to remember just now what i had for brekkie and cant believe i didnt eat anything til lunchtime! not good, thats twice now i havent had breakfast in the morning, whats wrong with me? LOL

Always the best way to have a better start to the day so must organise myself better!

Mind has been elsewhere today though, my little boy who is 2 has had his arm in plaster for the last few weeks due to pushing open gate at top of stairs and falling down, he broke it at the elbow, so today was the day he might get the cast off.

He got his cast off but surgeon warned it will be very fragile and could snap again! not the news we were expecting, he is not allowed to play with his brothers etc try telling him that then LOL

So my nerves are shot today trying to make sure he doesnt do anything to his arm, he has already banged his head after tripping! he's ok though!

Ok meals today were:

Breakfast - nothing! how did i manage that then? LOL

midsnack - banana

lunch - Chicken sandwich

tea - Mince/veg with jalfreizi/slice of bread

Exercise today has just been running after kids, aim for 10 mins on trampoline later

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