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Warning Symptoms of Diabetes – Get Alert of Suspected Symptoms

Posted Aug 19 2010 8:37am
There are some human diseases with no specific signs to notice. But, diabetes is not so. Indeed, the suspected symptoms of type 2 diabetes can be recognized with basic information on diabetes with special note on causes of diabetes. It is regrettable that some people do not posses sufficient knowledge about the warning symptoms of diabetes while a few others don’t care for any of them noticed in their body. The first category of people can get alert when they come to know that they have diabetic symptoms. They can manage diabetes with periodic check ups and diabetes treatment. But it is deplorable that the second category of people cannot be saved from diabetes complications and risks. Be sure, the risk can sometimes be highly fatal. Here we get into discussion on some of the warning symptoms of diabetes.

Getting Fatigue: When your body is not in a position to absorb the glucose from the food what you eat, it makes you feel fatigue. If the glucose is not absorbed by the blood cells, conversion to energy is absent and the body gets very tired when lacking energy. Getting fatigue with hard work can be justifiable for any normal person. On the other hand, even when a light physical activity makes you fatigue, you need to consult a doctor.

Feeling sweetness: Sweet breath cannot be sweet or enjoyable for a diabetic. It will have to be seriously viewed if you feel your breath sweet for no reason. An unexplained feeling of sweetness is not with a normal person. It can probably be a symptom of diabetes which should be diagnosed and treated properly.

Hunger and thirst: Hunger and thirst are very usual diabetes symptoms. Though you eat food as per your schedule, the food intake is not properly utilized means the glucose is not burnt to energy. Instead, unused glucose to the body is stored in the blood stream in the form of diabetic sugar. When the blood gets polluted with diabetic sugar and the body is not rejuvenated, a diabetic experiences thirst and hunger.

Frequent urination: When the glucose is not put to energy conversion process as a whole, the excess glucose not brought for utilization is kept in store for no use. By this time, the kidneys work more but in vain and as a result of this, the excess glucose in fluid form gets away through frequent urination. Though frequent urination is significant for suspecting diabetic symptom, some people ignore this for the simple reason that it is very usual in day to day events.

Dehydration of the body: It can be justified that dehydration follows after frequent urination. However, the body’s dehydration is compensated by frequent drinking of water following diabetic thirst. That way, a diabetic body undergoes the cycle of ‘Frequent urination – Dehydration of the body – Drinking more water – Compensating dehydration and thirst – Again urination’. Though this cycle is a normal process in our body, the ‘Frequency’ is the deciding factor for a person for diagnosing diabetes.

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