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Vitamin D deficiency in people with diabetes

Posted Aug 15 2010 10:42am

A quick reminder--or an alert--that people with diabetes tend to be Vitamin D deficient. Well, actually, most people seem to be Vitamin D deficient. 

I know that came up on my lab report last time I had my blood drawn. So now I'm downing one Vitamin D-3 1,000 IU pill each morning after breakfast.

Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption, and so keeps bones strong. It seems a deficiency may also play a role in cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and complications of pregnancy.

We get most of our Vitamin D from exposure to the sun, but even being in the sun, in Northern climates, can prevent you from getting the essential supply needed.

And you won't find Vitamin D in many foods. There's cod liver oil (yuck!) and fortified milk. 

It appears every cell in the body has Vitamin D receptors, so I guess this is one supplement to get a read on next time you get your blood panel done.

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