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update on Stanford group

Posted Dec 21 2008 8:40pm

I promised some time ago to keep you updated on the online diabetes group I attended through Stanford. See what a good job I’ve done? Most of the information was pretty basic - and I think it’s intended to be more for the newly diagnosed - but it was all good as a refresher. You know how easy it is to slip into habits that aren’t that good for you.

One of the best things I got out of the class was their approach to goal setting. We’ve talked about goal setting at various times during the different incarnations of the Round Table and Life After Diabetes - but they added a component that really made sense to me.

Each week, when we set the small(ish) goal for the week we had to estimate how certain we were we could accomplish that goal during the week. If you were less than 70% certain that you could succeed you were encouraged to reconsider the goal - the idea is to succeed, not to put up impossible goals that just make you feel like a failure. I found that estimating my confidence in achieving a goal really helped me to see where I needed to break it down further or to set a more realistic challenge - and that helped me to feel more like a success than my usual of setting too large goals and failing or setting too small goals and not feeling I was doing enough.

There is still a lot of good information in the book, Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions, which is available through Amazon. I didn’t have the time or focus to do all the reading I wanted to given my other stress during the class’s timeframe. I hope/intend to bring some more ideas here.

In addition, I’ve invited the folks that I had the class with to join us here. I hope that at least some will visit and hang out with us, sharing their stories and maybe getting us more energized again. Please welcome them if they come!

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