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Type 2 Diabetes is Not Tough to Fight – A Novel Approach

Posted Oct 31 2010 4:50pm
Type 2 diabetes is a case of body’s disorder referred to physiological condition. Though there is another case known as type 1 diabetes, the former seems widespread and corded to risks. Comparatively, diabetes type 2 is less serious than diabetes type 1 if treated properly. But it is unquestionable that type 2 is life threatening if not treated properly. Even if the body’s potential to produce insulin to burn the food intake is sufficient, the insulin secretion is sometimes not processed for conversion to body energy. This deficiency or functional disorder brings about elevated blood sugar. The sugar level suffers a steep rise simultaneously keeping many risks at the back door. Sometimes it does happen that the diabetic is thrown to coma if the diabetic condition is not properly treated.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes:

When compared with type 1 diabetes, type 2 is not so acute. However, you will experience constant fatigue excessively. Hunger and thirst get together to make you depressive with down trodden thoughts. You should not go on delaying for diagnosis and treatment but should consult a doctor and get you diagnosed for suspected blood sugar rise. The other typical symptoms of type 2 diabetes are many. You will have sleeplessness disturbed with frequent urination during night. Numbness in hands and feet are also felt by many diabetics. Again, you will be trembling with nervousness and unusual perspiration. Sleeplessness is followed by irritation on the next day. These are all symptoms of hypoglycemia, otherwise known as low blood sugar in your body.

Treatment of type 2 diabetes:

The treatment is rather simple and not tough to deal with. Indeed, it is a milder condition of diabetes. But you will be at risk if you get it easy at mind or go on delaying to start treatment. Yet, diabetes cannot be cured by overnight as it necessitates a long time treatment if you are dependent on prescription medication. Many people prefer ‘medicine based fight’ to overcome diabetes. The attitude to keep diabetes nilpotent purely with drugs and medicines is not suggestive. This is because the condition can get more aggravated than you ever thought in case you stop medicines for some reason or other.

Novel approach to fight diabetes:

Keeping off medicine to second consideration by giving due concern for lifestyle change can help you manage diabetes. It is not tough if you have diabetes diet plan, body weight loss program, and daily exercise routine. Monitoring blood sugar levels regularly can help you modulating your activities for type 2 diabetes cure.
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