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Type 2 Diabetes Diet - Foods Which Diabetics can Eat

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm
It should be admitted that type 2 diabetes diet foods are fixed by harmonizing with diabetic diet meal plan that can really help Blood Sugar Control. The impact of diabetic diet foods is amazingly great which one cannot deny. We eat food to stay alive, but often enjoy it in plenty by which many of us gain overweight. It may probably be one of the symptoms of adult onset diabetes.

The dietitians can advice you to pay close watch on what and how much you eat. When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, he expects the physician to prescribe a magic list of diabetic foods instantly to control blood sugar levels. There are certain foods to consume and foods to stay away from eating. Of course, there are no such rocket bullet foods which will keep off type 2 diabetes sugars in check. You have to consume a variety of restricted but healthy diet foods in plenty.

The exact list of *type 2 diabetes diet foods that are recommended or forbidden can be obtained from a registered dietitian. The list thus obtained serves as diabetic food pyramid guide - formulated and published by American Diabetes Association. As you know, the diabetic diet food pyramid classifies foods into six layers. The bottom two levels of the pyramid include high fiber diet foods with whole grains like wheat and unpolished rice. Green vegetables and fruits with nuts that are low in sugar are highly recommended as diabetic foods to eat without fear.

The top of the pyramid includes all those that are to be excluded, and they are the harmful fats, greasy oils, and sweets with refined sugars. The top layer is restricted for the food items causing elevated blood glucose levels. So you should avoid eating sugary cakes, cookies, dairy products and other snacks rich in fat. Keeping the right diet meal plan on track can make all the difference in you while struggling to keep your blood sugars under control. This is the best way, if you are prone to type 2 diabetes, that you choose the right foods to eat to beat diabetes. With all these cautions, you should not keep yourself satisfied that everything is on the right track. Monitoring sugar levels of blood at regular intervals is needed to confirm your condition.
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