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Type 1 Diabetes Cure – Is’t Possible for a Diabetic?

Posted Oct 06 2010 4:17pm
Type 1 diabetes, alternatively known as insulin dependent diabetes or more aptly juvenile diabetes is an ailment in the body prolonging to years together. It is an affected immune system of the body getting destroyed gradually and killing the beta cells in the pancreas. This causes the pancreas stay off from producing insulin needed to burn the food intake and convert to body energy. The organism fails in its function of insulin secretion to the need of the body cells for survival. This in turn elevates the blood sugar causing many problems of type 1 diabetes cure.
Though it is juvenile in nature, it can also affect adults. Practically, people above 40 have also been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. What causes worry much about diabetes type 1 is the increased number of children affected with this ailment.

Type 1 diabetes life expectancy is less when compared with that related to type 2 diabetes. This should not be mistaken for harmlessness of the later. As type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent, there is low chance for survival unless there is utmost care on the part of the affected. In many cases, it is emphasized to follow right diet, exercise routine, and body weight loss program even after insulin prescription. Here you have nice guidelines for type 1 diabetes cure.

It is not surprising if one says that there is no permanent cure for diabetes type 1 or type 2 diabetes. But it is consoling that diabetes of any type can just be managed until the last. If the seriousness is felt and special attention is paid in order that the ailment is not getting aggravated, the diabetic has more chance to enhance his health. Regarding the cure options, it is required to adopt a changed lifestyle with regular insulin injection and type 1 diabetes diet. Among many things to watch over, avoiding diabetes complications like cardiovascular disease and limbic stroke associated with brain structure is for consideration. Once you learn how to go a long way with all problems, you will realize that it is not so a tiresome affair to manage your condition.

Be sure, diabetes cannot be cured whatever may be the treatment you take. It is really a challenge to the realm of ‘diseases and medicines’. You can just manage diabetic condition or it can also be certified that your life will not be very different from those who are not prone to diabetes.
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