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two weeks

Posted Dec 02 2008 1:09am

This week I enter the final stage of preparation for lap-band surgery. This is scary but it’s also a decision that I’ve researched and considered for several years. It wasn’t a decision made lightly.

I am in a wheelchair because of injuries I sustained in a fall - but, if not for the weight I might have healed better and be able to walk at least a little more than I do now. In addition, not being able to walk has limited by exercise options and just makes the weight that much more of an issue.

This is a life-changing choice in many ways. I know there are kind people here who will help support me during the next couple weeks. During this process, well-meaning friends have sometimes told me that I should try this diet or that program first. I’ve tried them. This is my best chance to regain my health and improve my life. Even if I can’t walk again, I’ll be able to roll around a lot more easily. And there is a good chance that if I get healthier and lose the weight, I’ll be able to walk better or have reconstructive surgery on my knee.

But it’s still scary. It’s frightening to make the choice to permanently change some unhealthy habits. Sounds kind of silly - but how many of us go on a diet, just waiting until we can eat whatever we want again? It’s hard to do things that seem like they should be simple like getting rid of clothing that no longer fits. I’m not sure who I’ll be without the weight.

I’m mostly ready. It’s just a little strange that after waiting and thinking and jumping through the program hoops - it’s only two weeks away. So thank you for listening. Thanks for your support.

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