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This month’s OneTouchGold featur...

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:46am

This month’s OneTouchGold features an article about trusting your glucometer. Most of us have experienced numbers that didn’t seem right, or retested to find the number a lot higher or a lot lower than the previous test.

According to OneTouch, “A meter reading is considered accurate when it is within 20% of a laboratory measurement.”

Really? 20%? As someone with type 2 I find that frustrating enough. If my blood sugar is actually 100 mg/dL it can read anywhere from 80 to 120? Isn’t it hard to know how well you’re doing if the range is that much? But if I was correcting with insulin - how in the world would I know how much to take? If my blood sugar is 250 mg/dL that would give me a range of 200 to 300! That’s a huge difference for figuring corrections!

They gave a couple hints to improve accuracy - like wash your hands before testing. Lotions on your skin can screw up the test.

I’m still reeling from 20%.

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