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These Are Bad Foods for Diabetics – 5 Foods to Avoid Right Now

Posted Jan 28 2011 12:26pm
One way of prevention and managing diabetes is by swallowing pills in which the body metabolism gets weakened in the long run. Another way is by eating right foods and avoiding bad foods for diabetics. A simple description of unhealthy foods for diabetics can be taken for evaluation by getting into the back shouldering lines.

Simple carbohydrates:As simple carbohydrates are self potent to raise blood sugar levels, better you avoid such foods high in carbohydrates. The food grains brown or yellow turn white when they are processed to ‘fine’. When the food grains undergo refining process, the fiber characteristic of the outer shell is crashed to zero measure. Right now, the grains are high carb foods that can increase blood sugar levels. White rice, white bread, potatoes, refined pasta, and white yeast rolls are all in the list of bad foods for diabetics. The consumables using flour, butter, and baking powder are listed as fatty foods. For diabetics, they are all mostly causing damages to organisms.

Fatty dairy products:Whole dairy products are fatty foods. They are loaded with high fats and simple carbohydrates that are contributing extremely to cause distorted rise in blood sugar in the bloodstream. It is important that a diabetic keeps off or maintains a restriction of whole milk, yogurt products, sliced cheeses, and ice creams. These are accounted as harmful and not worth of healthy foods for diabetics.

Saturated fats:Meats, pork, beef, and coconut products are high in saturated fats. As saturated fats can breed up the levels of triglycerides, the chance to increase the risk for heart disease and associated problems is more. So, such bad foods with saturated fats ought to be avoided for diabetes. Consuming foods with saturated fats can result in increased cholesterol deposits inside the arteries. As the foods high in fats such as butter, whole milk dairy products, dark meat of poultry, and poultry skin are not healthy foods for diabetics, they can be avoided for eating.

Salty foods: Many of the food supplements and snacks are prepared with added salt, rich in sodium, to enhance the taste to the sharp edge. Sodium has been proven to cause circulation problem by absorbing more water than needed to the body. So, canned meats, and soups should be avoided.

Harmful drinks: As alcoholic drinks lower sugar levels, eliminating these can be safe for your health. Fruits in the form of juices with added sweeteners, high in fructose, can be one of the reasons to cause spikes in blood sugar levels.
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