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The Omnipod is so cool!

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:59am

Over the weekend this one particular Sir Pod had been through it’s 72 hours of life. 
It had been beeping all day letting me know…

“Ahem! It’s almost time to change me! I’m running out of my insulin!”

I took the hint, deactivated the pod, and was politely asked if I would like to activate a new one. Thank you very much, I would love to! I put the insulin in the new Sir Pod, waited for it for “Prime,” and got everything ready before I stuck it on me, and then I thought of good places to put it. Especially since we were going out that night, I was wearing a dress. This might not be so unusual, but for me wearing dresses with insulin pumps now, is so cool! :] I don’t have to worry about anything anymore. 

Big News here: I c an wear it on my stomach now! 

Sir Pod was put on my stomach, which for the second time in all of my insulin pump wearing years - it’s conformable there!!! This is also another “sooo cool” moment!!  As of right now, it’s still comfortable, sticking on my stomach with no problem, and I can’t even feel the insulin delivering. 

I love my Omnipod. :]
(and I love how the screen light always comes on, no matter what! Testing my blood sugar in the dark is amazing now.)  


Always Praying for Cure,


P.S. Oooh!!! My 15th Diabetic Anniversary is on Monday!! 

How should I celebrate? :]

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