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The-30-minute op to give diabetics their lives back (or so the daily mail says)

Posted Mar 23 2010 6:19am
Well yet another misleading article on diabetes has surfaced from the media, when oh when will they ever get their facts rights before publishing the article!

For a start the title has riled me, are they saying my son and other diabetics have no lives to speak of? just because we have to endure constant insulin injections and endless finger pricks, we have no life? and as for a 30 minute op that is just wrong, it takes a lot more than just 30 mins, think of the the repeated drugs and transplants you would have to endure, sorry but going down that way is major choice and not something to be taken lightly!

Oh and a boo boo from the daily mail which they have now changed, they originally had this written

Around 1,000,000 Britons need insulin injections to control their diabetes and prevent dangerous hypoglycaemic attacks. 

 Can you see why i was getting worked up at that, for people who read that they will think that if a person goes hypo then that can be fixed via a insulin injection, NO! that is the absolute worst thing that someone can do as hypo's are brought on by too much insulin, if someone did that then you are heading for a coma and even death, come on in this day and age why can the media never get it right?

It's no wonder the comments i get towards my son and even me, that i have done something wrong, that i gave him too many sweets or didnt look after him properly, or my son getting bullied or the mindless comments like 'oh diabetes, thats not bad' or 'is it diet contolled' they seem a bit shocked when they i tell them what my son endures every day, 4 insulin injections, carb couinting every meal, 4+ blood tests a day for the rest of his life, then that doesnt take into account when i have to adjust the insulin, working it all out and making sure he doesnt go hyper or hypo, which is near impossible.

While i appreciate they are doing research all the time so someday we may get a cure, it doesnt help when  a national paper is putting out a article like this, it isnt helping people understand just what it is like.

Another part of the article which i just laughed at:

'I had to monitor my blood sugar levels using a finger-prick test  -  where you put a drop of blood from your finger on a strip that reveals your blood sugar levels and how much insulin you need to inject'

Wow a fantastic new meter that myself and other diabetics have never heard of, a meter that tells you how much insulin to inject? total wrong wording there, yes a meter will tell you what your blood levels are but you have to work out yourself what insulin to give, based on what you are eating and what the levels are, oh how easy it would be if there was a meter like that, this has been worded wrongly by the daily mail, oh what a surprise!

You can read the full article here:

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