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Syracuse university next month will be retired melon shirt in the history of his Alma mater 10 people

Posted Jan 18 2013 2:03am
According to the ESPN New York station JiaLiDe - this report walling, Syracuse university will retire in February carmelo Anthony university shirt. Although Anthony only in Syracuse university for a year and the NBA, but still Syracuse university will be the supreme honor to Anthony to praise Anthony former credit. In 2003, Anthony led Syracuse university to get the champion. That season, less than 19 year old Anthony representative for Syracuse university 35 games, there are Kobe 7 Shoes 36.4 minutes of playing time, averaging 22.2 points and 10 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game while shooting 45.3% from 3-point, 33.7%. This season, Anthony also got the most outstanding player of the year award (MOP), it may be said is unlimited scenery. It is reported, Anthony university jersey retirement ceremony will be next month in Syracuse university four home games held in a. Date will be officially announced next week. At the appointed time, Anthony shirt went from Syracuse university gymnasium in over outside, he will also be received a framework with special pack up his 15 shirt. Meanwhile, Anthony will be in Syracuse university speaking at home. Anthony's teacher, Syracuse university coach Jim boyer's haim, very excited to see Anthony will return to his Alma mater. "Last summer, in the run-up to the London Olympic Games, we get time is very long," boyer's haim said, "see he is very happy, but now he Kobe VII will return to his Alma mater is also a good thing. We occasionally to settle a phone call a chat." Be worth what carry is, Anthony will become Syracuse university history a retired player 10 shirt. Other nine were Dave - bin, Derek Coleman, Sherman - Douglas, Billy - add Po, Billy - owens, Ronnie plug Clifford, dwyane - Washington, will moss - singh and wake - Hansen. In today's interviews, Anthony's teacher boyer's haim also said that in the big time, Anthony became the leader of the team. Today's Antony in various aspects of the ascension, this season, the knicks have a chance to win. In today's game with the warriors, the heat around the locker room full of people, the manager, handsome and President riley, they put in the locker room of the ball to lebron to celebrate him in the game finished career breakthrough 20000 points. "Everyone hurriedly give lebron punches or what, a cubit while he started fighting back before," cried, handsome. After the game, lebron has become a 38 in NBA history is also the most young a Mr. 20000 points. At the Kobe 7 Cheetah same time he also broke through the career assists total 5000 mark. More joy, lebron to help the heat 92-75 victory over warriors easily. In fact lebron today's only played 30 minutes time, had 25 points and 10 assists and seven rebounds. "It means everything," James said. "means a lot. First of all, as I continue to say, this means that I have been kept health career, can on the court to do what I love, I love basketball, I strive for game exhausting. Hopefully I can get more return." This array of men less general garage, he in the morning training because of a sprained right ankle, this ankle he had moved two operations. Warriors said X-ray results no problem, warriors coach phil Jackson said he estimated garage truce not too long. "Disappointing," mark - Jackson said, "but we face opponents remember last in their home what happened when you fight, they are with a plank statement state of mind to play the ball. Whether individual or collective, this is great player will do." Lebron after the game about that create record jumper, said: "I was in rhythm, so the ball and not the kind of compulsive shots, at that time I shake off David lee came to 'elbow area", and Kobe 7 USA then put into the ball, it's pretty cool." The youngest in lebron before Mr. 20000 points is kobe Bryant, he is 29, 122 days do, lebron is now 17 days and years. "If he is not decided to join the heat of words, he might be faster to 20000 points," wade said. Lebron is also 13th do have 20000 points, 5000 assists player, now active can have such data players only kobe Bryant, Kevin garnett. "This is a great moment," handsome, said, "he is a unique player, he is a unique person, he is the only one time the emergence of a talent."
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