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Symptoms of Diabetes – 3 Symptoms for Serous Concern

Posted Oct 14 2010 8:05pm
Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes have many symptoms in common. Having a right knowledge diabetes symptoms can be highly helping for a diabetic to take timely treatment. Here is a focus on three warning symptoms that are usual in case of diabetes of any type.

Weight loss: Noticing unusual weight loss is one of the warning symptoms of diabetes. Body weight loss is a usual phenomenon with a back screen of multilateral factors. What is inherent with diabetes that makes a diabetic helpless when thrown to weight loss is our main concern. It’s nice to reason that eating more beyond optimal peak triggers the system to gain weight. But, when the food intake is not burnt as a whole in a diabetic body to gear up the energy, the body remains lazy in structural make up. So, the weight goes down instead of gaining.

Weight gain: In the list of signs and symptoms of diabetes, gaining over weight otherwise known as obesity is equally as bad as losing weight. Gaining body’s weight is also a fraternal factor when a person is prone to diabetes. What is consumed should undergo the process of conversion into energy with the help of insulin secretion. It is the sympathy with a diabetic that the internal combustion of the consumed food is weak and there is the failure of regeneration of the body cells. Consequently, the diabetic patient suffers a degeneration of vigor lacking vital sources for energy. Naturally, he feeds his stomach with no justification and this added food intake sky rockets the body weight. Having on hand AWH (Age - Height – Weight) chart for reference may be helping at all occasions to keep fit with optimal weight.

Frequent urination: This is another warning symptom of diabetes for concern. When the body takes in food for energy, the normal process of the body mechanism is expected to burn the food for regenerating the millions of body cells. With type 2 diabetes, this mechanism fails to function satisfactorily and the consumed food remains stagnant in the blood stream in the form of blood glucose. Excess amount of saturated sugar accumulated in the body strives to find an exit from the system. Urination is one channel through which the excessive deposit of saturated sugar is let out frequently. Though there is less water intake, the density of glucose sugar gives pressure to be let out through frequent urination.
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