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smart insulin?

Posted Dec 22 2010 11:58am

Wil has a fascinating post this morning over at Life After Dx on something called smart insulin.

But SmartInsulin raises the bar. Instead of just dissolving at a set rate, the bubble-wrap is glucose sensitive. In effect, it’s insulin that only works when your blood sugar is high. And it stops working when your blood sugar is normal.

In short, SmartInsulin is a bio-chemical artificial pancreas. No pump needed. No CGM needed. No complicated algorithms. No gear at all. It’s an elegantly simple, self regulating system. As billed, it would be a once a day shot. The insulin stays nice and cozy and warm in its polymer blanket until your blood sugar begins to rise. Then the polymer dissolves, releasing some insulin. Which lowers you sugar again. Then the polymer stops dissolving.

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As incredible as this news is, I found at Smart Planet a prediction from about a year ago how nanotechnology was going to end insulin injections. Of course, all of that new tech takes time to develop…

And I found an abstract of an article published Dec 7 proposing “the application of this material as part of a small, implantable, closed-loop insulin delivery device designed to continuously monitor BG concentrations and regulate insulin release” – so wow…

Is it possible we are really coming toward what will essentially be a “cure” for type 1 diabetes? Remember, the insulin resistance issue of type 2 would still be an issue for those of us with type 2. But, wow….. this is far more exciting news about Diabetes than I have heard in a long, long time.

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