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shap thorbbing pain in abdonminal area on right side for two weeks straight. Accompanied by vomitting, upset stomach and diarrh

Posted by drshams2180

Hello, i am 29 years of age and for the past two weeks now, i have been experiencing at times severe abdonminal pains on my right side, going all the way to my back. Along with that i have had a loss of appetite, vomitting, upset stomach. Though i am an insuline dependant diabetic, my sugars surprisingly have remained well controled. Also sound be known to anyone that can help i also have high blood pressure and a under active thyroid. I have been to the emergency department for three straight weeks, and continue to be told that they cannot find anything the matter with me and to talk to my family doctor, which would be alright if i had one. Currently still awaiting my appointment for mid june. If anyone has heard of these symptoms or an idea of what is might possibly be, i would be very gratefull for any info or ideas that you can pass along to myself. The quicker i find out the better for me and for the rest of my health.
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