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Sacramento Company, Diabetic MD, Has New Technology To Help Heal Diabetic Wounds

Posted Nov 27 2010 7:57am

Sacramento, CAcompany, Diabetic MD, is now offering a new way out for those suffering from hard healing wounds. This new technology in the wound care market is helping diabetics in a huge way. While most treatments prescribed by doctors try to kill the infection from the inside, Diabetic MD’s spray works from the outside providing all the nutrients that your body needs to heal itself naturally. One of the main ingredients that helps heal diabetic wounds, scrapes, and sores, is Amino-Plex.


    How many people do you know that have diabetes? How many of your family members or friends suffer from this disease? At least one I’m sure. Diabetes can be a terrible disease that can change your life. The main risk factors of diabetes are: obesity, low physical activity, unhealthy diet. No wonder USA, the country of fast food, has such terrifying statistics:


According to data from the 2007 National Diabetes Fact Sheet (the most recent year for which data is available) There are 23.6 million children and adults in the United States—7.8% of that population have diabetes.


In Sacramento, CA diabetes stats of residents diagnosed was 8.4% (38,824 people) in 2007.


Those are just dry numbers, but behind them there are millions of ruined lives. Each year, over half of all amputations in the United States are caused by diabetes mellitus and subsequent complications, with most being lower-extremity amputations. That is why it is so important for diabetics to take good care of their feet and legs. Diabetic MD application has resulted in plenty of testimonials, from real people that got relief using Diabetic MD.


I have had Type 2 diabetes for over 12 years and I have experienced wounds and cuts on my body taking sometimes up to 8 months to heal. I had 2 small bruises on my left hand and arm  that just would not heal themselves. These bruises would form scabs, but the scabs would remain and not heal completely. I prayed for a solution; that I would find something that would work. I was getting very frightened and scared. I had tried so many things like peroxide, dead sea mud soaps, lotions, and even visualization and affirmations. I thank the Heaven's above for the day that I found the Diabetic MD website, because I Finally found the one and only product that is healing all my cuts, and wounds. I no longer have to live with the terrible fear and anxiety and stress that I lived with for so many years because wounds and bruises on my body would not heal. I also told my doctor about the product and she said that she was going to learn about it too. Thank you so much at Diabetic MD for helping people and diabetes patients like myself. I am going to tell anyone and everyone I can about your product Amino-Plex. This product is a much needed product for humanity!"- Meryl C.


Diabetic MD is in the wound care market because they are committed to helping diabetics. The company was established in 2008 by Sandra Hayman and Neal Andrews who wanted to create a product that can really help millions of people at an affordable price. Years of hard work were spent in research and millions of dollars in university and military studies. The U.S. army has conducted tests on the benefits of Amino-Plex for chemical burns, which are one of the hardest wounds to heal, and the results were successful. Sandra Hayman & Neal Andrews have over 36 years experience in the skin care field, it’s no wonder they are committed to a new technology to help people heal.



            Tests and studies prove that not only diabetics can use the spray. All those who were unfortunate to get pressure sores, bed sores, surgical wounds and sutures, eczema, 1st and 2nd degree burns (includes radiation burns) can also use the spray. Here is another testimonial, from a real person, who got real results from using Diabetic MD.


“I’ve been dealing with open ulcers, bleeding skin tags and draining, grape-like varicosities for over 18 months. The present remedies the doctors and nurses have used did nothing to improve situation.  In fact, it seems to be getting worse and the pain is constant with no relief. The pure oxygen spray of Diabetic MD put directly on the open wounds was very gentle to what was a very painful and burning ordeal.  That alone was a miracle.  The pain stopped! The awful pain had been relentless and with me 24/7 for 18 months and with your product it stopped completely in less than eight minutes.  I was able to move, walk and sleep with nopain. Before your product was used, moving, walking and sleeping were impossible for me because the wounds caused so much pain and discomfort. The wound areas are healing and we are seeing, for the first time in those 18 months, that the wounds are showing skin renewal. I was a registered nurse in open heart surgery and in both surgical and medical ICU for 15 years and have never seen such rapid healing of open wounds in my life! Diabetic MD has convinced me that miracles still do happen and I’m living proof.”- Elva Delloso


To learn more about why Diabetic MD is committed to diabetics, follow this link: http:// 





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