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Reversing Diabetes Type 2 with Proper Meal Plan

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:03pm
I would like to share with you some information on what a diabetic should do for preventing and reversing diabetes type 2 as it is a life threatening disease. There are about 24 million people suffering with diabetes, and 50% of them do not know how they acquired it. It is also a great pathos that millions of people are ignorant of their condition and they are at the mercy for survival with pre-diabetes.

Controlling blood sugar in diabetics can be a good strategy of minimizing the chance for risk of heart disease or unwarranted death. Mostly diabetes occurs due to high blood sugar and it is a timely need to reduce the level of blood glucose in the blood stream. The elevated blood sugar levels should be given a check from getting uncontrolled hike. This is possible by adopting a healthy lifestyle to pave the way for risk-free life.

The basic reason for diabetes is sedentary lifestyle and unchecked food habits with no proper diet meal plan and exercise. As such, what should you do now being diabetic? Any person prone to diabetes is accountable for two reasons. He might have acquired the problem either by uncontrolled food habits or by sedentary lifestyle. Whatever may be the cause of diabetes, proper measures need to be taken for reversing diabetes. Taking insulin injection is no doubt good for reversing diabetes but it is not suggestive for all diabetics. So, it is wise to choose proper diet and lifestyle for beating diabetes.

Dietary meal plan for diabetics to reverse diabetes:
Eating in right volume can help control blood sugar. It again improves liver detoxification preventing diabetes and reversing insulin resistance. The diet foods you choose to eat should be high in fiber and low in glycemic index. In this regard, you may add fresh vegetables and colorful fruits. Such detoxifying foods are of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. You can enjoy these benefits in olive oil, black beans, and soy products. That way, you will be fortunate in reversing diabetes type 2 by promoting right gene and healthy metabolism.

Irrespective of the food you consume, you must adjust the break hours between two servings as 4 hours so that you are able to maintain a balanced level of insulin and glucose in the bloodstream. Also, it should be noted that avoiding day time sleeping and having night food well before bed can help you reversing diabetes.
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