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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes : Is’t possible to Get Fast?

Posted Aug 25 2011 10:13am
The often question raised by diabetics is – “can I reverse type 2 diabetes?”. People with diabetes symptoms are mostly annoyed when they are not able to eat many foods that are enjoyed by others. This is because the diabetic condition does tilt the normal condition of the diabetic’s body. Symptoms of diabetes experienced by millions of people are seen everywhere almost in all countries though the percentage varies. The condition of a person prone to diabetes is diagnosed by physicians using simple blood test. It is indeed a great nuisance if not controlled at the first symptom of blood sugar. When the condition becomes aggravated, the final go may be ending with amputation or a fatal death too! As such, the main theme of this article is to answer whether it is possible to prevent type 2 diabetes naturally or by any means.

What causes diabetes?

It is known well that the blood sugar rises with the event of food intake. If the food is to be digested and converted to energy, sufficient insulin secretion is absolutely needed. With the secretion of insulin, what you eat is absorbed and generation of energy takes place. If there is any defective condition in the insulin supply, there the problem starts. An irregular function of the pancreas causes blood sugar level skyrocket. There are many reasons for this abnormal rise of sugar level. However, the following are well established in medical concept:

1. Weak condition of pancreas to secrete insulin to the need for burning the consumed food.

2. Inactive condition of the pancreas to release insulin

3. The absorption of consumed food is not as expected by the body

4. Pancreas is in a damaged condition making it impotent to have its role of insulin release

5. Pancreas becomes tired of heavy work due to eating large meals

It is hence reiterated that a healthy pancreas is badly needed for normal functioning. As such, the main role of a diabetic is to keep his/her pancreas clean and hygienic.

How to reverse pre-diabetes?

With the warning symptoms of diabetes, you have three ways to control blood sugar in the bloodstream. They are listed as follows:

1. Prescription medication or home remedies for diabetes

2. Proper diet food that can usually reverse type 1 diabetes as well

3. Daily exercise program to lose weight

It is emphasized that a diabetic concerns for the above three together. It is warned that the absence of anyone may not give good results in reversal of type 2 diabetes. The probability to cure diabetes gets low. It is surprising that many people do not understand the altogether importance of the three things specified here. They suspect how weight loss can reverse diabetes symptoms. But it is true that diabetes and obesity are inter related. Regarding taking of medicines sometimes ends up with some side effect to damage any part of the body. To balance this, exercise is suggested as the best. Exercise and good foods that are recommended for diabetics are natural way of overcoming diabetes. The choice of right foods is significant to reverse type 2 diabetes. Diet choice is indeed a natural way to beat diabetes. Though medicine and good food choice can certainly help reverse type 2 diabetes, exercise has a greater influence over diabetes to make it ‘nil’. Hence the silent way of managing diabetes is choosing right food, some medicine, and exercise put together to prevent getting type 2 diabetes.
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