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Off to Diabetes Camp!

Posted Jun 25 2008 5:09pm
happy-campers.jpgThat's rightfolks, I'm off to camp! As a kid, I remember watching my twin sister prepare for diabetes camp. She was just a scared little eight year old girl recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and didn't really want to go, though she ended up enjoying it.  When it was my turn to become diabetic three and a half years later, we somehow skipped camp, so I never had the experience. I've often wondered what camp would've been like for me after hearing endearingstories by Kerriand others d-bloggers who experienced a diabetes camp in their youth.

Well, it's nearly twenty years later and I'm finally realizing my dreams of going tocamp.Thanks,Dad, for footing the bill for this experience and realizing I'm still thatlittle girlwho loves to camp! You've taught me time and time again how it's never too late to realize my dreams. Lesson learned! Again.

So come Sunday, I'll be spending the week outside Chicago at Elmhurst College as one of many (adult) diabetic campers attending theDiabetes Training Campstarted byMatt Corcoran, who explains the origins and intention of the camphere, andagrees "that by bringing medicine and exercise science together, we can make it easier for everyone with diabetes to stay on top of their game.”

I, for one, am ready! It's been a round-about journey to this point (as one who's gained some flab and A1C points over the years and let her dreams of true fitness fall by the wayside), but this girl is finally ready to amp up and get serious about learning how to better navigate the terrain of exercise and diabetes. Enough pontification about the virtues of exercise. Put poetically, I'm ready to flippin'do this thing!

help in sand.jpgThe campschedulelooks exciting and action packed, and thestaffline-up looks top-notch! One of the trainers,Ray Appenheimer, is a personal hero of mine, though I've been touched mostly by seeing how well his training books and advice helped my diabetic sister go from someone (like myself) who dreaded the mile run in school to a fit runner who successfully trained and ran multiple marathons (including twoADA marathonsinKona, HI andDublin, Ireland). So Ray's going to be on hand for part of the camp and I'm psyched about that. I always told myself if my (identical twin) sister can run marathons, I can, too. Uh-oh. Will I eat my words?

I already told Matt that I'm going to be blogging about my experiences at camp, and he enthusiastically agreed that it was a good idea. I'm a little intimidated by all the sports gurus who will be on hand to help, and also imagining that all the other participants are in better physical shape than I am, but that's okay. I'll get over myself come Sunday. I'm going to be sure to have an attitude of gratitude for being there and not let my insecurities or doubts get in the way of making the most of my time at camp. I believe it can be a defining moment in my diabetes life if I allow it. One formerparticipantis quoted as saying she "absolutely loved every second of every minute, and cannot believe what amazing things happened during the week- so many lives changed for the better!" You can't get a much better endorsement than that!


Will it be easy? According to Matt, not necessarily. Hey, at least he's honest. He admits (and we all know) that at times, fine-tuning our diabetes can be frustrating, a process of trial and error. But he guarantees that at camp we will actually have a good time nailing down the right regimen and diabetes management strategies. He promises, and I have no doubt that we all will learn a ton, and have fun doing it. That will make me one happy camper!

I'll let you know my thoughts and how things are going come Sunday. I promise to keep you posted! See you at camp!

P.S. I have no vested interest in promoting the camp other than the fact that I think it's a great opportunity for diabetics interested in fine tuning their fitness, but if you're interested in finding out more, clickherefor answers toFAQ's,

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