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Normal Blood Sugar Levels and Triplet Factors Causing Diabetes

Posted Nov 04 2011 8:19pm
Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is a major problem for diabetics to face. Diabetes is one of the most common as well as threatening diseases affecting millions of people in all countries around the world. The American Diabetic Association suggests that the best way to prevent diabetes and save at-risk-adults is to start medication at early hours of noticing warning symptoms of blood sugar in the blood stream.

Over the bygone thirty years the number of diabetics in America has leaped over the figure `six million’. What is making World Health Organization to worry about is the figure reaching `nineteen million’ today. It is not digestible to anyone interested in the well being of humans. The Unites States is now facing a challenge of diabetes sparked by obesity, bad diet meal plan, and lack of exercise. So, much concern is to be made for these triplet evils.


Researches on obesity have established grounds that obesity and diabetes are incorporated friends to develop sugar related health problems. Obese people are at high risk of onset of diabetes and related health issues such as kidney damage, wounds not healing, skin itches, and heart disease. Obesity is sometimes connected with family history. It is a possible factor causing blood sugar in the blood cells. But it should not be mistaken as a sure cause for diabetes. It is emphasized that obese people have more chance to develop diabetes than others with normal weight proportionate to age. What is the solution to overcome overweight? The answer is again choosing right diet foods to eat and avoid bad diabetes foods.

Bad diet meal plan:

There are delicious recipes meant for diabetics. But it is to be worried that many of the diabetics do not have sufficient awareness for choosing recipes to consume. So they fail to keep normal sugar levels in the blood cells. Diabetics are hence advised to eat healthy diet foods just as any others do. The concept of healthy diet means a diet low in fat (Trans fat and saturated fat). Simultaneously, medium salt and sugar should also be added in the diet meal to help control blood sugar. Whole grain meals, fresh fruits with nuts, and green vegetables high in fiber component are recommended for sugar control. It is true that special diabetic foods are doing harm to raise blood sugar levels. It is hence advised to avoid consuming bad diet foods.

Lack of exercise:

Exercise is a must for anyone whether diabetic or not. Exercising can be associated to keep normal blood sugar in a healthy body. Daily exercise routine can also help keeping the body trim.
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