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Normal Blood Sugar Levels – 5 Tips to Maintain Normalcy

Posted Jul 09 2010 9:42am
Keeping normal blood sugar levels is inevitable to prevent diabetes. If it remains undetected, the elevated diabetic sugar can shoot up and enhance numerous bodily problems. There are some people who are not diagnosed with diabetes until the problem gets aggravated with serious signs of diabetic complications. A diabetic failing to control blood glucose levels will have increased probability to acquire hyperglycemia.

Once the ailment is confirmed by proper diagnosis by a physician, keeping the glycemic index of blood sugar levels in the bloodstream under control is absolutely necessitated. How much the body gains glucose sugar following a meal of a diabetic depends on the volume of carbohydrate intake through the foods consumed. A deviation from the control of diabetic normal blood sugar levels can deteriorate the diabetic condition with many diabetes complications. So, you are warned to follow the tips to reverse insulin resistance and maintain normalcy.

Monitor your sugar levels regularly: Whatever be the diabetic condition, monitoring the sugar levels at regular intervals can help you in many ways. Along with fasting blood sugar levels, random readings should also be recorded in a diabetes blood sugar levels chart.

Exercise to lower blood sugar: As regular exercise can help you to increase blood sugar sensitivity, having exercise routine is essential at any level of diabetic condition. To overcome insulin resistance, vigorous exercise is not needed. Just a 20 minute walk can burn the food and reduce the sugar intake.

Diet control: Eating diabetic diet comprising low glycemic foods can balance your condition. Simultaneously, it is required to avoid bad diabetic foods when you are improving your body condition with sugar controlled diet. Any food high in fiber and low in carbohydrate can be worth of eating when diabetic.

Eat less but be frequent: Plan your portion to be less when you have abnormal blood sugar levels. Planning with less serving and increasing spaced frequency from four to five times a day without loss of total calories intake is recommended to maintain normalcy in sugar intake in the bloodstream.

Diet choices: Planning your diet with proper choice of healthy foods with minerals and vitamins will be safe. Eating fresh vegetables in plenty and avoiding starchy foods can help you reduce elevated sugar levels in the body. Junk foods should be avoided as they contain fatty supplements to worsen diabetes. Boiled foods rather than fried foods can do better things to control diabetes.
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