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Navigator or Finger Pricks?

Posted May 21 2009 10:03pm
Due to the disaster that was my blood sugars during the Charlottesville Marathon, I have not used my Freestyle Navigator again yet. While I have lost money on tons of investments over the years, the Navigator is turning out to be my worst investment yet. Much like a friend who betrayed you, its hard to build trust again. My last blog post talked about when "good is enough," but when it comes to training and racing, just ok blood sugars are anything but good enough. In fact, not having a solid indication of what level my blood glucose is at during competition is dangerous and scary as all hell.

However, I'm considering giving the Navigator a second chance, maybe it was a bad sensor, maybe I inserted it wrong or maybe the batteries were too low. I'm giving the Navigator a ton of excuses but I so desperately want that technology to work I'm willing to look past its inadequacies.

So next week I'll replace the batteries in my Navigator, and have the calibration completed by Tuesday morning. For every moment during training when I look down at my Navigator I'm going to test with a finger prick. I'll chart out everything, heart rate, pace, incline, activity, to see if I can identify anything that causes the Navigator to be less accurate than it should be. 1 week, I'm giving the Navigator one more week, if it fails me again you can find it on EBay!
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