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Natural Cures For Diabetes – 3 Food Supplements to Control Diabetes

Posted May 26 2010 2:52pm
While there are efficacious natural cures for diabetes, why should a diabetic spend a lot for control of sugars? Here are recommended 3 natural food supplements to control diabetes.

Magnesium for Diabetes:

According to study reports on magnesium and diabetes, it is understood that magnesium is potent to lower blood pressure and relax the heart muscles from over strain. It has also been proven that magnesium controls homocysteine which is otherwise known as the trigger for heart disease as well as diabetes. Further more, magnesium catalyses the enzyme system of the body in converting the nutrients into energy needed for the body.

Cinnamon for diabetes:

Cinnamon is a spice used in a wide variety of foods and beverages. It has an amazing medicinal effect with pungent odor and flavor. The inclusion of cinnamon in your regular diet can help reduce blood sugar levels sufficiently to the level of 20 to 30 percent. It is, in addition, to reduce diabetes risk factors like TGL (triglyceride) and LDL (Low Density Lipid) cholesterol. The cinnamon extract works well at the cellular level and boosts the sensitivity to insulin. Consuming cinnamon regulates the poor response of insulin cellular receptors. It is advisable to consume twice a day about 500 gms at a time.

Glucotor 2 for diabetes:

Glucotor 2 is a complete natural food supplement prepared for diabetics exclusively as a diabetic diet comprising fenugreek, bitter melon, and pricky pear cactus. If cinnulin cinnamon extracts are added to Glucotor 2, its potential power to cure diabetes is doubled. Glucotor 2 is the next generation to Glucotor 1 for diabetes cure. These two are efficacious for controlling diabetes. So, inclusion of Glucotor 2 in your diet meal plan can ensure you control diabetes and prevent cardiovascular problems. Since Glucotor 2 is completely a natural food supplement, you may consume it as one ways of natural cures for diabetes.

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