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Natural Cure for Diabetes – The Best Way for Curing Diabetes

Posted Dec 28 2009 9:47pm
Natural cure for diabetes can be your first choice when you are convinced that it works well. You will be convinced when you yourself experience the wonderful results of curing diabetes. The secret of Diabetes Natural Cure lies in the choice of proper diet. Though the genetic factors usually cause diabetes, there are other triggers effecting elevated blood sugar and related problems in later life. The unquestionable best way for curing diabetes naturally is choosing of right diet. It is not exaggerating that every diet has a categorical significance in helping the diabetic to control blood sugar and overweight. As overweight can cause blood sugar it is indispensable to control the same with balanced diet choices.

It is recommended that a diabetic should completely keep off the junk foods, and choose leaner and natural diets. One can choose in addition three more natural cures for diabetes.

Magnesium for curing diabetes:

It has been established that the intake of good amount of magnesium can reduce the susceptibility to diabetes. Researchers claim that magnesium is a good source of natural cure for diabetes. It can relax muscles and keep control over the trigger for stroke as well as heart disease. When the muscles are relaxed the muscle spasm or muscle contraction is reduced. Magnesium is found rich in whole grain foods, avocados, dark green and leafy vegetables, mashed beans, mashed potatoes, and soy milk.

Cinnamon for curing diabetes:

Cinnamon is used as spice to give flavor for foods. It has been proved that cinnamon can reduce blood sugar to certain percentage by 20 to 30. In addition, diabetes risk factors of TGL and LDL counts are minimized by 25% to 30% in people with type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon contains a cellular extract which enhances the insulin sensitivity. When there is a poor secretion of insulin, problems are experienced. Consuming a small amount of cinnamon twice daily can help control blood glucose. Instead of taking ground cinnamon directly, it can also be added to tea, orange juice, meats and salads.

Glucotor 2 for diabetes:

Gkucotor 2 gives a natural formula specifically prepared exclusively to benefit the diabetics. Glucotor 1 is the basic formula containing spiky pear cactus, bitter melon, gymnema sylvestre , and fenugreek which are helping to control blood sugar. Glucotor 2 as an advanced formula includes additionally magnesium and Cinnulin PF extracts. It is more powerful than the former. While Glucotor 1 fights elevated blood sugar Glucotor 2 enhances the actions of the components.
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