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My One Diabetic Accident

Posted Apr 07 2011 12:00am
The weekend is almost here and that means my trip to Nashville with two of my friends! My brother will be our host for the weekend and he's letting us stay at his apartment too.

Today's been a whirlwind of classes and homework, but I'll go back to last night. After I got back from my social, my level was low (65) so I had a Juicy Juice then waited another hour before making my bedtime snack.

I had a bowl of 0% Greek yogurt, raspberries, 1/3 banana, Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, carob chips (vegan chocolate chips) and cocoa roast almonds. Delicious, but maybe a tad too filling before bed. Greek yogurt has so much protein that even a small portion can be super filling.  My bigger than usual snack (or maybe two days without exercise) left me at 160 at 3 am. I gave a small correction and woke up this morning at 108. I was determined that since I didn't have any accounting social to attend tonight, I was going to make time to exercise today.
I started out my morning with another mixture of oats, banana, peanut flour, peanut butter, cinnamon, soy milk and peanuts for garnish on top.
Another morning passed with no post-breakfast spike in the blood sugar levels. Thank you, Apidra for solving one of my biggest annoyances.
Another thing Apidra has done that has made my life much easier? Since I don't have the post-breakfast spike, I don't get the pre-lunch dip. When I used Humalog, I would feel weak before lunch, even if I wasn't technically low. Today it was noon and I was walking back to my car after class when it hit me. I feel normal. I didn't have any shakiness or thoughts like I really wish my car wasn't parked so far away... 
Apidra has smoothed out my mornings and made them so much easier.
Estimated average morning post-breakfast peak:       Humalog: 190                                                                                  Apidra: 130
Estimated average pre-lunch level:                            Humalog: 65-75                                                                                  Apidra: 80
I have only been using Apidra for four days, so it's just a short pattern I've noticed so far. Today before lunch my level was 71, so while I made lunch, I ate two pieces of dried mango from Trader Joe's for some fructose.
I put myself on an hour-long temporary basal of 50% since I wanted to get in a run after lunch. For lunch I made a whole wheat wrap with roasted red pepper hummus, black beans, avocado and soy nuts. In a bowl on the side I had romaine and cabbage topped with broccoli and cauliflower and sprayed with my new Liquid Aminos, which I really like!
I waited about thirty minutes to digest and snacked on half of one of my almond butter oat cookies from last week to get my level to come up a little more quickly before my exercise.
I ran 3 miles at a faster than normal pace, then walked the last one. I learned from  Reyna at Beta Buddies  that she later gives insulin to make up for "free carbs" given while her son is being active, so I did the same today. I was nervous about giving insulin for the entire amount of carbs I ate, so I ended up giving just .6 units. My level a little while afterwards was 120
My afternoon snack before heading back for another class was this pear with Sunbutter. I made a mistake and believed my sensor, which said I was 65. I didn't give insulin for my snack, which ended up being a mistake.
After my afternoon class, I had that familiar stomach ache that comes along with a high level. I was 190 when I tested. I had three thoughts about this.1. I should have tested my level before eating the pear to known if I really needed insulin or not2. I should have followed Reyna's tip and bolused for all the carbs I ate3. Maybe since Apidra is faster acting, I won't experience that drop after I exercise after lunch, since the insulin has quit working, so I do need to correct (as said in #2 also)
I corrected for the high and did French homework for an hour while I waited for my sweet potato to bake. For dinner I had this colorful bunch of deliciousness. Red bell pepper, sweet potato with black beans, avocado, sesame garlic tempeh and kale chips (made earlier, but still tasty). The last time I ate a sweet potato, I went high, so I tried to circumvent that this time by increasing the amount of insulin I gave. I'm sipping on some Lemon Ginger tea that my roommate recommended to me after she tried some at the place where she babysits. She said she knew I'd love it after seeing how crazy I am about ginger once when we went out for sushi.

Tonight's plans involve beginning a research paper for an accounting class and packing for Nashville! I'm going to breakfast with a friend in the morning (but I'll only get coffee, since it's two hours past my breakfast time according to my diabetic body).

I want to send my sympathy (publicly) to Reyna and Joe over at Beta Buddies. Joe had a pretty scary accident yesterday on the playground.

The one bad accident I've had that related to diabetes was my junior year in high school, when I was in Atlanta at a horse show. I was much less in control of my diabetes at that point in my life, trying to manage high school and so many other things. I don't remember eating lunch that day. I had been low several times throughout the morning. I was in the show ring and had almost completed one of the best rounds (jumping over 8 jumps) that I had ever done. My horse and I approached the final jump and a stride before the jump, I suddenly slumped onto his neck, passed out. My horse was young and didn't know how to react, so he jumped from where he was, which was way too far away to clear the jump. He caught his front hooves on the jump and flipped over, smushing me underneath him. My injuries were much milder than they could've been- stitches in my chin and a fracture in my back. It really was a wake-up call though, because until then I had felt pretty invincible, especially since I could feel a low or high 99% of the time.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good, restful night before the weekend gets here!
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