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My first trial with Lilly's HumaPen. Pen: 3, Syringe: 3

Posted Nov 27 2012 9:44am

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 10.20.11 AM

For a couple of years now [yes, takes me a long time to weigh things ;-)] I have silently urged Apidra to come up with an insulin pen that allows me to dose half a unit. 

Each time I saw a rep at a health fair, I'd ask whether this was in the works. Most looked at me with amazement, "You want to be able to take a half unit?" they decried?

Yes I do. Eating a low carb diet and power-walking an hour a day, I often only need a half unit to dose for a meal of, for instance, veggies and chicken or fish (Please DO NOT take my dosing for yours, we each have individual needs). 

As you can sort of see in the post below, I use the Lantus Solostar pen for my long-acting insulin and wondered about having the same ease for my meal time insulin. Tis true, after 40 years with type 1 diabetes, I may be ready to give up my vial and syringe. Like most people I find an insulin pen easier to use than the few extra steps vial and syringe requires, and prefer the non-medical-ness of it all. Maybe even more, since I use so little rapid-acting insulin, when I have to throw the bottle out after a month, I'm throwing away four-fifths of it. That waste makes me crazy each month.

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