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More Exciting Medtronic of Canada News!!

Posted Dec 10 2008 1:13pm

  My Post about the Canadian launch of the Paradigm Real-Time System spawned some great comments (you should read 'em if you haven't yet) and also inspired me to do some further digging.

  So, I tapped into my resource again at Medtronic of Canada and learned the following: Guardian_rt

  • The Guardian RT Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is available in Canada. Everywhere. (And I am totally wow'd over this!) With a Physician's Rx, of course. To anyone who wants it, and is willing to pay - or can get insurance coverage - in the following amounts:

          - Guardian RT: $2,650.00

          - Glucose Sensors: $475.00(10/bx)

          - Com Station: $625.00

  • There is a fully integrated system in the works, combining the devices of the 522/722 in one unit. However, there is some major skepticism as to it actually being released next year. My contact told me that there are several bugs in the current unit that need to be worked out before they can even start the process for clearance with the FDA/CHA. As it stands, my contact thinks that we're looking at anytime from two years to five for this pump/glucometer unit. Of course, we hope this is wrong and I'll keep everyone updated on anything else both of us hear.
  • For Linda Williams and Anyone Else Considering Purchasing The Real-Time System from Canada: The answer is YES. If you are willing to come to Canada, visit a Canadian Endo and get a Rx (it has to be prescribed by a practicing Endo in Canada) then you are welcome to purchase the system from Medtronic of Canada. However, you have to pay out of pocket as Medtronics of Canada is unable to bill an insurance carrier if you do not reside in Canada.

   More to come!

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