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Meeting with dsn

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:38pm
Had a meeting set up with aaron's dsn, diabetes specialist nurse for those not up to date with diabetic speak lol

As his bllods are nearly always high and getting hypo's though the night and his last clinic gave a reading hba1c of 10.2, the meeting was designed to get aaron more involved in his care and hash out what to do about his insulin/bloods etc

Went really well, discussed whether we should give the glargine in morning etc but decided we will start by reducing it by 1 unit at night time and keeping novorapid the same during the day, if no better then we will try changing it to morning as she said other mums have tried that and have reported less/no hypos through the night.

And if that doesnt work, then aaron could get his blood reading monitered with a 24 hour meter which will give reading every minute, but one step at a time.

Talked about exercise, his snacks etc and school, which i have a few issues that im not happy about, one that the headteacher doesnt address her concerns to me but she will to aaron, which isn't on as he has enough to worry about as it is! one being that she wants aaron to do his insulin himself with no supervision, which is not on at all!!

And asking aaron to wait in the room he does his insulin in at lunchtime, again with no supervision til i came down, and if he has a hypo while no one is there, what then?

His dsn was NOT happy with that at all, so she is going to see into it.

Will be starting carb counting with aaron soon, dietician has still to set up an appointment but dsn will chase that up, and can start adjusting aarons insulin, dsn went over all that with me as never been shown how to do that before.

So that will help.

Im feeling not great at moment as have a cold and keep on sneezing all the time, ugh feel awful, but having a weekend away this weekend so hopefully feel better for that.

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