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meeting up with fellow diabetics

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:38pm
There was an organised outing on saturday by the inverness tadpoles group for the kids with type 1 and friends/families etc, aaron had a fantastic time, got to meet up with other kids with type 1, first time he has ever met another diabetic so this was really great for him.

It was at an outdoor activity centre, there was tree climbing, obstacle course, archery, treasure hunt, paintball and to end the lovely day off there was a game down at the pond where they had to fill up big barrels up with water from the pond using the buckets provided, all going well and thought kids weren't too wet but no sooner had i thought this then the 2 instructers decided the kids were way too dry and started chucking buckets of water over them! omg they were soaked LOL

was a great day though

Today we have been ten pin bowling, 12-14 of us went, just family as it was an early birthday party for callum as he is 9 on tues, i was rubbish and was miffed that my mother got 104 points and won the game! great time though and kyle loved the bowling, even though he is full of the cold and has a sore throat.

Aarons bloods still up and down, was 26 before bed and went lo this morning, he is seeing the diabetes nurse on thurs though as she wants to get his bloods sorted properly.

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