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Medtronic of Canada Has Launched the Paradigm Real Time Insulin Pump!

Posted Dec 10 2008 1:12pm

Can you imagine it?

   No more manual tests of blood sugar levels a dozen times a day. Real_time_glucose_3

   Readings literally at the tip of your fingers.

   A profile of blood sugar levels for a complete 24-hour period. One press of a button - without the requirement for vampiristic tendencies - and you're automatically given real-time readings.

   For Canadian pumpers, the Paradigm REAL Time System is now available! And I know, for my part, that this Paradigm is the most anticipated and welcome of the series.

   I 'prick' my fingers (what a phrase) 10+ times a day. And I know that there are a lot of important BG levels - particularly overnight - that I'm just not able to see. Trends and patterns that would require over 30 manual BG tests per day to see in full. Paradigm_522_2

  The Paradigm 522/722 displays on-the-spot glucose readings every five minutes, by utilizing RF and a sensor worn on the body for up to three days. An alarm can be set at a user-defined threshold to warn the wearer of any high or low BG readings. And there's even nifty trend arrows on the main screen that show the trend of change in BG levels.

   But don't just take my word on how great the Paradigm REAL Time System looks. Have a look for yourself: Download paradigm_direct_to_consumer_brochure_121905.pdf

   There is even a special offer for Canadian pumpers who already own a Paradigm pump; purchase a new 522/722 and a new 4-year warranty for about half the total price of the System.

   I've got a call into my insurance company to see if they will cover the price of an upgraded pump/warranty (fingers crossed!). Regardless, though, I plan on having this new system within the next month.

   How about you?

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