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Lower Your Blood Sugar Level and Beat Diabetes - 7 Tips Here

Posted Dec 28 2009 9:40pm
Before searching for tips to lower blood sugar level, you need to have good knowledge of what exactly High Blood Sugar implies. It's exactly the elevated blood glucose in the blood stream which is otherwise known as 'the dripping of glucose and converting urine sugary'. Your blood stream is controlled by insulin secreted by the pancreas. But this process needs some adjustment in choosing the foods to eat.

The food items you eat have a predominant role of lowering blood glucose. Certain foods help keeping off diabetes while others get fast entry into the circulatory system and raise the sugar level. The latter are identified as high glycemic foods that are harder to pancreas to produce insulin needed for the body.

The tips that follow here should help any diabetic patient to beat diabetes with distorted levels of blood glucose.

1. First of all, find out the exact cause for elevated levels of blood sugar. Since the reason may differ with individuals you ought to identify the specific reason for your ailment. This will help you to decide what action to take to beat diabetes. Probably the stress may be a cause of diabetes. In such case, you should change your lifestyle.

2. The first way emphasizes eating right foods to lower blood sugar level. The foods that are slowly digested help to lower sugar levels. You can choose the foods such as Grains-oatmeal, wheat, and granola; Fruits-apples, pears, and oranges; Vegetables-peas, soybeans, and zucchini. If you are already having diabetes, you can prevent it by consuming the scheduled foods.

3. Another way to lower sugar levels is with exercise. Morning exercise before breakfast can help you lower blood glucose level to certain extent. Daily exercise is the best alternative to medicines for overcoming diabetes. Not only is exercise benefiting in that way but even helping to losing weight.

4. Avoid factory soft drinks as they contain high sugar with carbohydrates. The excessive refined sugar will eventually cause elevated glucose level for a tough fight with diabetes.

5. Eating four or five small servings of meal a day instead of having three large servings will help you lower blood sugar level.

6. Avoid consuming excessive alcohol that spoils your digestion system and affects your brain as well.

7. Get from your doctor the foods to avoid to lower sugar levels. As far as possible, you should avoid potatoes and pasta that are composed of high carbohydrates.
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