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It's The Little Things (Like a finger prick)

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:14am
For months I have agonized over my finger pricks. I assumed that each lancet device was the same and that no matter which one I used I'd have to deal with black dots at the tips of each finger and looking like I had deformed fingers each time I got out of the pool. I thought each lancet device would be as uncomfortable as the one that came with my freestyle flash and take as many tries to draw blood as that one. Oh how I hated this evil little gray device of torture:

The grey device of torture once decided to break apart as the pharmasist was seeing what type of lancets I used just to bring the pain to someone else. I can't count the number of times the protective plastic fell off leaving the prick of death to be exposed giving me an unexpected jab when I went to test!

After 4 months of discomfort I decided to try a new lancet device and I can't be thankful enough that I went with the Accu -Check Softclix:

For the past week I have lived in finger prick bliss. During sweaty workouts I don't have to worry about my hand pulling off the only protection I have from the lancet of death, I've only had to reprick myself once out of 50 tries, the holes are healing and the black dots are gone! Maybe I'm turning soft in my old age but I'm glad to say good bye to the grey finger prick of death and hello to blue buddy.

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