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Is’t Puzzling How to Lower High Blood Sugar Levels? – 5 Free Tips Here

Posted Feb 12 2010 11:50pm
It is undeniable that many people are seen finding no ways on how to lower high blood sugar levels. Mostly they get occupied with blood sugar when they have no right diet plan to suit their body condition. Eating fast foods or those to keep off from the plate create many problems associated with digestion. If you eat more of fast foods there is ample chance for body-weight increase which can be a serious concern to tell upon your total health. When your body gains overweight it can trigger heart attack and other health problems.

It may be puzzling you to know exactly how to lower blood sugar levels. But if you sit a while you can have a flash of answer for your problem and can fix the way to pull down the elevated sugar levels. Most probably your food habits and lifestyle should be the underlying causes for your elevated sugar levels. So you are advised to get a flash back of your diet foods you are accustomed to. The very cause and solution for your blood sugar shooting up should be your daily food choice.

Of courseyou may be eating the right foods but what about the quantum? Consuming too much is as bad as anything that may cause high blood sugar. So you must have a ‘cut down’ to your diet portions even though you are having right food choice.

1. Decide the right types of foods high in fiber and low in fat. Fiber rich foods can take longer hours to get digested and your energy will be kept in store for some more time. If foods high in carbohydrates are eaten your energy can get boosted up but will have a sudden downfall before you take the next serving.

2. Take care to plan the serving size of foods you choose to eat. Cutting down the size and increasing the number of servings in a day can be wise to reduce high blood sugar to normalcy.

3. Avoid stressful situations in your daily schedule of work. Stress can make anything worse in you and cause blood sugar to rocket. When you are working with others high adjustment and tolerance alone can save you from being caught in stress.

4. Have regular exercise routine for 20 to 30 minutes a day at any cost.

5. Eat more of fresh vegetables and low sugar fruits with nuts.

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