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Introducing Sir Pod…Sir Omnipod to you!!

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:59am

On Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 4:30 in the afternoon, I was taught how to use the Omnipod!!

Ever since then, I’ve been wearing it and smiling every time I test because the delivery is the same and I have been in much better control.
This is pretty exciting, knowing that there is no tubing, no door handles or something for the tubing to get caught on, a pump no longer clipped to my pocket bulging out from under my shirt - just a little “pod” anywhere I feel like putting it. :) “Pod,” sounds British doesn’t it? Every time I look at it, I have the urge to call it “Sir Pod.” As a matter, I think I will call him Sir Pod from now on. Any way, “Sir pod” my new best friend constantly delivers its basal rate and insulin dose wirelessly through the Omnipod Personal Diabetes Manager a.k.a. PDM. :) It makes these high pitched clicking noises when its delivering, and I barely know it’s there. The Omnipod is amazing.

Let me explain what it was like to insert the omnipod…and just so you know, it normally takes about 2 or 3 minutes for me to change it from start to finish, but I wanted to be detailed in the pictures…here goes!! :-D



Once the Omnipod “Personal Diabetes Manager” (PDM) was setup, this is what I started with…The PDM, a sealed “Omnipod” package, a bottle of Insulin, and an alchohal pad…thats it. No inserters! :]

The PDM screen showed me that there was “No active pod” and politely asked if I would like to start a new one…I excitedly pressed the “Yes” button!

Now…after telling the PDM “Yes,” I would love to activate a new Sir pod…
I swiped the top of my insulin bottle with an alcohol pad and twisted the needle cap into the syringe.

After figuring out the average of how many units of insulin I would need for the next 72 hours, I drew air into the bottle equal to the amount of insulin I would be drawing.

Then, I drew insulin from the insulin vial and filled the syringe with the amount of insulin I needed and I checked for air bubbles. :]

Then, I inserted the needle straight down to what is called the “fill port” (the hole just beneath the needle) of the Omnipod.

I emptied the syringe into the Fill Port and heard Sir Pod beep twice, informing me that it was ready to go onto the next step and that everything was working the way it is supposed to! :) 

After I filled Sir Pod, I pressed “next” and waited for the Omnipod to finish priming.

It’s cool that the Omnipod makes these little clicking noises…I found that helpful and fascinating. :)

Jackie helped me prepare the site on my arm by using the alchohol pad and we let the site air dry…naturally. :]

Here, I am removing the needle cap, which peels back exactly like the top on a can of soda…Jackie loves this part! :-D   


After removing the needle cap, we are now ready to remove the adhesive!!!
Jackie carefully removed the backing that was protecting the adhesive.

Once the adhesive was removed, the Omnipod was ready to be placed…on me!!!

To apply the Omnipod, Jackie just placed the pod on my skin (I’m trying my arm today, this is a first!). 
And then Jackie ran her fingers around the tape to secure it and make sure there were no creases in the tape. Jackie is very good at this. :)
Once “Sir”pod” was stuck, Jackie pinched my arm in preparation for the insertion of the cannula.

At this point, Sir Pod is on my skin and waiting for me to follow the instructions on the screen to begin the insertion. This is when I press “Start!” (I have to admit, I was nervous!)
Now, the PDM is telling me to be patient, and says “Please Wait” (about a couple of seconds) as it readied itself to insert the cannula…I have to say, it doesn’t hurt. But I did jump when I heard the loud clicking noise and felt a little tiny pinch…similar to a shot, but a little less painful.
YES! As you can see on the PDM, I did everything correctly and Sir Pod is “Active!” and delivering its basal!!! :)
I am on THE pod! :)
This is me, quite relieved and excited that it works, it works so well, and it doesn’t hurt!
Now, I can wear anything I want, when I want, and put the pod where I want.
Thank you Insulet!

This is the crew that trained Jackie and me how to use the Omnipod. (Jackie always learns everything I learn) They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and pleasant! 

Thanks guys!


Always Praying for a Cure,
Me and Sir Pod 


All feedback would be greatly appreciated, send in your comments! :]


from old blog:

Lea,  June 4, 2008
Congratulations! Wear Sir Pod in good health :)

I’ve always wondered how that all worked (especially insertion). Your pictures and tutorial were great, and will no doubt help people if they’re in the process of deciding which pump to use. 

k2, June 4, 2008
Sir Pod and you seem to have really hit it off! I’m curious, how do you like dealing with the remote?

Seonaid, June 4, 2008
Thanks for this! I always thought the fact omnipod was wireless was soo cool.. now I want to try it, I’m tired of getting stuck on door handles :-P

Gina, June 6, 2008
Thats cool, it looks so big though. 

Julie, June 7, 2008
Thank you for all the great pictures!! 

I ordered the demo pack to see how I like it. I agree with Gina.. it does look kinda bulky on the arm. I’m not sure I’ll like it.

We’ll see though. Please keep us updated on how you like it!!

<3 Julie 

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