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Introducing: Joe

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:06pm
your site is the first I have checked out that is not just a medical type site,but a more (real) human/people computer skill is lacking,I type with one finger,and to make a joke out of that,I am a type one diabetic.I live in tucson az,I was diagnosed at age 28,I had a good job and a girlfriend,it was summertime,100+ degrees,I worked out doors,and thought my unquenchable thirst was hard work causing dehydration,at the same time I was losing weight,no matter how much I ate.I even began to take weight gaining body building type products to no effect. At the time my job did not offer health insurance,my women and I were saving for our own insurance plan,at the same time she began to suspect I was using drugs as I went from a strapping 185 pound healthy young man to a 135 pound,6'2" skinny,eyes sunk in looking scarecrow.this went on all summer,my 28th b-day arrived september 16th 1999.I was a job was killing me(I thought).I quit my job and went to work for a friend in the same line of work.oct.1st 1999 the same day my girl was to mail out our 700.00 dollar down payment on insurance,I drove off to work when my vision began to blur,I quikly turned around and asked her to take me to the emergency room.I went earlier that summer when my weight dropped 10 or so pounds,and I thought I had a sexual type problem,I'll leave that out for all the younger viewers(I later came across the answer to that reading a diabetic magazine at my doctors while waiting to be seen). I got to the hospital and because my younger brother is type 1(he got diabetes at age 17 from what was believed to be caused by a summer spent in the hospital with a unknown and still to this day unknown lung disease cured by radical steroids used to rebuild lung tissue.the steroids were thought to have caused the diabetes)I went to the floor that had a nurse speciallizing in diabeties and asked her to check my sugar level.a half hour earlier I had a soda pop and candy bar at the advice of my mother,who in recent conversations began to suspect I had diabetes.we never saw the symtoms with my brother and didn’t know it ran in the family(later research showed my fathers uncles had it whom we had never known,they died at a young age,and my father and I were not speaking at the time.)to make a growing long story short,the nurses meter couldnt read my level as it was too high.later tests in the er showed it was over a thousand.following insulin treatment made me feel amazing,like I hadnt in so long.the following honeymoon period was hard,learning as much as I could,and having extreme and often low blood sugars at the same time returning to work within weeks to pay for mounting bills was hard and often scarry.I felt different than everyone because I was,and had a hard time feeling in control of my moods and feelings. it was a constant rollercoaster of sugar and the above mentioned girlfriend and I split up,she stayed with me for almost a year after diagnoses to her credit,she gave it her all.since then I try to carry on with a normal life,as normal as can be under the circumstances,I bought and paid for a vehicle over the next 4 years which was hard because my job doesn’t allow much time for doctors appointments,and my doctor became frustrated with my lax efforts to make appointments. my a1acs were always good as I eat healthy and exercise often at work and my hobbies are also healthy,but alas in may 05 I was admitted for ketoacidoses,something that previously had always almost scarred me into compliance with my diabetes.I went in for a injury and was made ill by pain pills and other medication and couldn’t get out of bed for two days to take my inslin,as I was in a hangover type condition worsened by a mounting high blood sugar.I survived but now I am scarred of high sugars and my health care genericly treats depression,which I suspect I have.I quit going to meetings with diabetics years ago,partially due to time restraints and partially due to the lack of type 1s in attendance.type 2s endure the same problems yet I always felt out of place.I am in good physical shape,though I get bummed out sometimes becauce I am alone now,my brother is in ny,has the insulin pump,is married to his long time girlfriend,and just gave us a gift of a healthy baby boy,so we talk as often as time affords us.
I enjoy reading your site,it helps for sure to not feel alone in this world,I also wish I could meet more type 1 diabetics face to face to communicate with as my compuer skills lack the ability to flow,and not stumble around,though I think after being on your site I will make a effort to improve,dam my spelling and typing suck right now.well I enjoyed your perspective,and just realized I don’t even know where this e-mail is going,whether it will be viewed by one person or all my fellow type 1s and family,but this is the first time I have told my story in long detail to any one,thanks for being there with your informative page.  jt
Subsequent to this and my responding email, Joe had this to say:
I never fully realized what I had been through,or my exact emotional state until I wrote it ,and I must say it helped a lot.also reading thru your website I felt better because I felt a connection with the human side of all this,I was also inspired.I go to candid diabetes now every time I log on ,and have gone to the other links also. thanks for offering friendship,as you said the commonality is nice to feel and understand,talk to you later. Joe T.
The first line says it all. Joe, I thank you for taking the time to share your story with me and allowing me to share it with everyone else, and for your inspiration. I'm sure that your experiences will resonate in everyone who reads it!
Comments are open; please feel free to post a note to Joe and welcome him!
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