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i hve been a diabetic for 30 years i have developed an immuntiy for insulin ewhat can i do gto off set this

Posted by carlp

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how can u be immune to insulin i dont no how this can be possible if ur insulin is not working i think u might need no u need to try a different insulin what are u currently taking
i am taking humalog and lantus long acting my doc has taken me off the pump for now to see if this com might work but does not seem to helping the only thing that helps is strict diet and exercise the insulin doesnt seem to help at all

You are right but strict diet must be a diet low in carbs: Carbs give 

the blood sugar peaks that eventually diabetics cannot get down and start inject insulin  to help. But insulin is longterem as dangerous as high bloodsugar as it is the prime cause of CVD: No other independent measure correlates better to CVD than fasting insulin = insulin resistance. No wonder 75% of all diabetics die in CVD, 5-15 years prematurely. Cut the carbs and find some good fats that we used to eat!

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