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How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels? – 3 Choices to Lower Sugar

Posted Sep 30 2010 2:51pm
How to lower blood sugar levels is one repeated question raised by people prone to diabetes type 1 or type 2. The treatment of diabetes by way of lowering blood sugar levels in the circulation system differs with the type of diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes can manage diabetic condition with dietary adjustments and physical exercise. But it requires oral medication for acute condition of diabetes type 2 whereas treating type 1 diabetes necessitates insulin injections in addition to diet control and life style changes to maintain a lower level of sugar intake in the blood stream.

The diet choice, oral drugs, and insulin injections can be working singly or in combination with the other two. How far the choice of treating diabetes helps to lower blood sugar in the blood stream depends on several influents like• Diabetic condition
• Type of diabetes
• Diabetic history
• Previous treatment

Diet and exercise: Diet and exercise have significant contribution to lower sugar level in a diabetic body. These two are the basic factors a diabetic should have concern over. If the presence of blood sugar in the body through the food intake is discovered at an early stage, diet control and exercise can be considered sufficient for lowering sugar level. Right diet choice and daily exercise routine can be ‘just’ to the need to maintain lower level of sugar in the body. With diabetic diet and exercise program, the insulin secretion is regulated until the body is not insulin resistant in aggravated condition of sugar levels. Diet and exercise can naturally stimulate the body metabolism and reduce the sugar intake in the body cells. The combination of diet with exercise helps a lot in controlling sugar in obese diabetics.

Medication to lower blood sugar:

If the diet and exercise are not working well, the next concern is the various types of medication that are in vogue. Proper medication with prescription as decided by your doctor helps to stimulate insulin secretion in the pancreas. There is another type of medication to make the body less resistant to insulin. The absorption of glucose is controlled and you are enabled to lower sugar levels as your body needs.

Insulin therapy:

Insulin therapy is the last resort when the diet, exercise, and oral medication are not working to the need. For type I diabetics, treatment with insulin injection is the right solution to lower body sugar and control diabetes.
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