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Holiday plans...

Posted Aug 10 2010 2:58pm
Ok been doing more holiday things today and got our final restaurants sorted, still got to book some yet, so on list (althought subject to change lol)
Plaza restaurant (at magic kingdom)
Fultons Crabhouse
Yoders (in sarasota)
Cooters (near largo)
Rainforest Cafe
T-Rex (at downtown disney)
Longhorn Steakhouse
Sweet Tomatoes
Hacienda de San Angel (new one opening in sep in epcot)
Cheesecake Factory (mmmmmm)

So yesterday i filled in the esta forms (pre-authorizes you entry into the usa) they start charging $14 per person for this next month so wanted to get them renewed while it was still free!!! 3 got instant approval but 2 were pending, so yes of course im thinking ?? omg im going to get declined :o but calmed down and checked 15 mins later and it had gone through, phew!!

So plans for tomorrow is printing directions off, was planned for today but wasnt enough time sadly, did buy a gorgeous new folder for all my bits though :)

So diet wise - it's going great, stopped fizzy juice ( i swear all the good comps are do to with fizzy juice) just now its win a flip mino hd camcorder with pepsi, already won that so why am i still buying pepsi? and also stopped chocolate, will start up my daily eating plans up tomorrow so you can all see how good im being :)

Had some lovely things through the post today
My goodies today

Ok ignore the flash, it was dark when i took the pic so flash went off, in pic is my drop dead diva series 1 dvd that i won today, no idea what comp its from as there was no indication in envelope! then yesterday i won some high gloss serum from glamour magazine and i have some aveda shampoo and conditioner to test, love getting hair goodies to try out, dont think i have bought any shampoo this year at all, keep winning them :)
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