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High Blood Sugar Level in the Morning –Is’t Threatening in the Morning?

Posted Dec 28 2009 9:56pm
High blood sugar in the morning will be annoying to anyone prone to diabetes. For the same reason, taking too much amount of insulin can cause low levels of blood glucose resulting in hypoglycemia. Since such a condition is life threatening, your body begins to respond to insulin antagonists associated with the adrenal glands, pituitary glands and your pancreas. It is just to counteract and wipe out the bad effects caused by insulin.

The above are all powerful hormonal glands which bring about speedy and steep elevations in the sugar levels of your blood stream. These elevated sugar levels every so often cause several complications in the body. So then this situation should not be ignored. Your body condition needs treated with increased insulin dose which can cause another high pitch in your glucose levels. This will have another consequence of compensatory reaction and even increased insulin doses.

The Morning or Dawn Phenomenon occurs naturally for a diabetic. This process occurs during sleeping hours, and the hormones start fighting against insulin to lower the blood sugar levels. This happens usually when the insulin dose starts wearing off. The consequence will be the elevated blood glucose threatening during the morning hours of the day. This is experienced by many patients of type 2 diabetes for about 5 to 10 hours after the dawn.

Sugar level just above 110mg/dl is not a problem when one gets up from bed with the sun. However, it can be a puzzle for those who really experience it. Rebound hyperglycemia and Somogyi Effect are two cases similar to Dawn phenomenon. In these cases the blood sugar level goes down because of taking increased doses of insulin or having no snack before going to bed.

If you check your sugar levels regularly by 2 to 3AM on several nights consecutively, you will get a clue for what caused high blood sugar in the early morning. If the sugar level is consistently at down reading the probable reason may be Somogyi Effect. You can confirm that you are taking too much insulin or the bed time snack is very low. Instead, if the sugar level is elevated during the early hours, Dawn Phenomenon will be the probable cause.

You need not worry much with high blood sugar in the morning alone, being not so high after that. However, it would be advisable that you consult your doctor who may alter the units and time of taking insulin.
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