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Green Week

Posted Jan 18 2011 12:00am
It's green week for a few reasons. One being the percentage of my groceries from Whole Foods yesterday that were greens- exactly 80% and the other being that having encouraged (or forced) my sister to drink a spinach smoothie every single day for the next few weeks, I've decided it's only fair if I join her in it! 

Yesterday after lunch I finally decided to get out of the house and do something, so I got a manicure! It had been a while. I just love the feeling of smooth nails and no more hangnails. My nails had gotten really chipped and broken. 

After that I wandered into the (crowded) William Sonoma outlet, which happens to be next door to the nail place. Every time I get my nails done there, I wander through William Sonoma while my nails "dry" (I admit it's really just an excuse to browse the store).

For the first time in a very long time, I actually came out with a few things yesterday! It seemed like half the store was 30% off! I'd seen these containers at the regular William Sonoma, but didn't want to buy them at the regular price, so now that they're 30% off, I snatched a few up!
Now that I've started baking a little more (pretty much just rosemary biscuits, but I'm going to try to branch out), I think I'm going to use the two bigger containers for organic all purpose unbleached flour and organic whole wheat flour. I was contemplating putting raw almonds in the smaller container, but after inspecting my shelf of the pantry, I decided to fill it with chia seeds!
I cut the label off the sack of chia seeds, in case I forget how many carbs they are or how much is a serving (although I never use a whole serving of 2 tablespoons).
I also bought a veggie steamer. I never steam vegetables, but I decided it's time to start especially since I love vegetables steamed!
I made a quick trip to Whole Foods after Williams Sonoma and it was a huge mistake! I've never been in such a crowded grocery store in my life. I waited for about 3 minutes just to get close enough to the kale to grab some and another lady was apparently playing the same waiting game, because she asked me to grab her some kale too! The lady at the check out told me (duh!) it was because of MLK day. Completely forgot!
As I told you I bought lots of greens: Swiss chard, kale, 2 bags of brussel sprouts. The only non-green thing I bought was more Garlic Gold nuggets. Since I roast almost all my vegetables in this stuff, I'm nearing the end. At $5 it's pretty expensive, but I think the taste it adds makes up for the price.
When I got home, I snacked on my new favorite snack: raw almonds, roasted unsalted peanuts (from TJ's the other day) and wasabi peas (that my Mom put in my stocking on Christmas). The salt from the wasabi peas is enough that the raw almonds and peanuts taste a little salty too. This is a great mix! I'm going to keep a baggie of these three things in my purse in case I need a quick snack.
I also had an apple and Naturally More peanut butter. If I have a relatively hard workout in the morning, it really hits me in the afternoon.
I went to  Sekisui , a sushi restaurant close to my house, with two of my high school friends. We had a great time! They are both finished with college now and one is in nursing school and the other has plans to go to nursing school! I feel so grown up now that everybody's so close to the "real world."
I had a glass of cabernet sauvignon while we waited on one of our friends to arrive. For dinner, I had fresh salmon sashimi (2 pieces) and a sushi roll- the Jacksonville (crawfish, cilantro, topped with seared super-white tuna and garlic). Really good! Sushi used to always make my levels go high, but now I think I've figured out how to avoid that. Always stick to one sushi roll (white rice is the main problem, I think) or just get sashimi and edamame, or sashimi and a salad. Anyway last night I succeeded! Two hours after dinner, my level was 64, which I definitely wasn't thrilled with (especially since I had to get up and miss a little of the Bachelor to treat the low), but it was so nice to know that I've figured out a way around the seemingly inevitable high levels that came from eating sushi.
I planned last night that I was going to get up (relatively early) this morning to run 6 miles after breakfast, but I slept until 8:30, which is really late for me! I can attribute that to my blood sugar level being 177. When my level is anything above 140, I'm usually very sleepy and can sleep several hours later than I could if my level was closer to 100. My level was a little high because I had eaten the 3 leftover pita wedges and pumpkin hummus from the hummus plate from 20/20 the other day. It was close to midnight when I had that bedtime snack, which is much later than normal.
I gave 1 unit of insulin to bring that level down to normal and made a breakfast that is out of the norm for me (aka not oatmeal). I kind of made the raw breakfast sushi, but I only used half of a banana and my leaf of swiss chard was way too big. I put Sunbutter on it, but most bites were just leaf, no banana. A little strange, I admit. I also had brown rice cereal from Whole Foods (only 15 carbs for a cup and 60 calories, but then again the only ingredient is brown rice) with almond milk and blueberries. I was surprised by how much I liked this brown rice cereal. Expect to see more of it! I had this breakfast with 2 mugs of hot water with lemon and a mug of coffee. Although this isn't a good thing, I didn't look at my sensor when I started running. Sometimes I get a little fed up with all the micro-managing that is part of the life of a Type 1 diabetic. I just wanted to run until I felt bad, then I would look at my sensor. Luckily I didn't really feel bad once! I ran 6 miles while (of course) watching the Today Show on the treadmill at home. After 3 miles I did decide to check my sensor. My pump said my level was 155 with two downward arrows, which means that I'm dropping quickly. I put my basal rate on 50% for an hour and ate 2 Powerbar Energy Gel Blasts. The other 3 miles went by quickly and I didn't feel bad! 
Disclaimer: For any of you not interested in diabetes/half marathon training, skip this section!
While I ran I was doing a lot of thinking about how I'm going to actually do this half-marathon, diabetes-wise. I decided that I'm going to test out a lot of different options over the course of my training. I googled 'diabetic marathon runners' and read a lot of good advice from  these diabetes forums . A few of the things I came up with to try:-Clif Shot Bloks: eat 2 after 3 miles, 2 at 6 miles, 2 at 9 miles (if needed)-Powerbar Energy Gel Blasts: (same plan) only con is that these take longer to eat than Clif Shot Bloks-Larabar 30 minutes before beginning a run; also try eating half before and half in the middle-same plan as with Larabar, but with Clif bars-try whole wheat bagel with almond butter and banana before run (probably will make me too high- my level is often too sensitive to bread to make it a good fuel for workouts)
So those are a few things I'll be testing during my long runs over the next few months leading up to the half marathon on March 20! I've also signed up for a 10-K on February 26 in Memphis, so that'll be good practice.
A few tips I came up with from the forums:-the key to good blood sugars on long distance runs is protein before-adrenaline during a race usually makes your blood sugar level stay up higher than normal so less sugar will be needed-if you run all out, your blood sugar will likely increase, but if you run long distance at a slower pace, your level will decrease
After the run, I was pretty tired but still feeling good! I made myself a wonderful spinach smoothie! This included half of a banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1/3 cup blueberries and half a bag of spinach. I also sprinkled on a little cinnamon as usual.
Before: After:

Seriously when you are tired and just finished a long workout, a spinach smoothie tastes so good.

My Mom didn't go to work today, so we decided to take a trip out to Cordova/Germantown. I've been wanting to try this restaurant a friend told me about called  Genghis Grill . It was a very interesting eating experience. Waiter: Have you ladies been here before?Mom and I: No, we haven't.Waiter: Grab your bowls and follow me!Takes off through the restaurant.
There was a huge bar of proteins, seasonings, vegetables and sauces. You fill up your bowl with whatever you want and fill a little container of dressing and hand it to these guys, who really wanted their picture taken: I chose scallops (I looked for the tofu, but later found it in the vegetable section!), lemon pepper for my seasoning, cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and bell peppers for my vegetables, and tomato sauce for my dressing. I handed the bowl off to these guys and chose my starch: brown rice. They stir-fry your chosen mix on this table. It came almost immediately! I also added some chopped up peanuts and sesame seeds. This was such a good meal, but for some reason the scallops shrunk! They were the size of chickpeas!
We were right across the street from Costco so we made a quick stop there for blackberries, 3 containers of almond milk, organic spinach, wild frozen salmon burgers, and a container of 0% Faje.
I also got a few other little treats from spending the afternoon with my Mom, including 2 new bowls from Anthropologie! She's gotten really into me having pretty dishes on my blog.
I've had a little headache since my run, so I'm trying to drink a lot of water. I'm also sipping on some green tea. I just had an afternoon snack and since I hadn't had any dairy today, I broke into my Kefir from Trader Joe's. This was 1/2 cup Kefir, 1/4 cup rolled oats, blackberries, and a little bit of an old banana. Feeling much better now!
 Now I have to go work on my resumé- I keep getting emails from various accounting firms asking for it! Plans for the rest of the afternoon include roasting up a load of vegetables for dinner tonight and watching the Biggest Loser, if my family will let me!
Have a good night!

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