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Friday Teaser!!! **FOR MY PARADIGM FELLOWS**

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:06pm

    This post is dedicated to all of my Paradigm pumping friends and anyone who is not my friend (haha) but uses one...

**!!Calling all Paradigm x12 and x15 users!!**

    Are you sick and tired of the Proprietary connection that Minimed locked you in to with the Paradigm pump??? Hell, I am. I love my 512 but I'd really like to try some other sets. Particularily some 90 degree Needle Sets and the fun New sets. All of which are Luer Lock.

   I know something you don't!!

   What if I told you that four-ish weeks from now, I'm gonna be trying out a new, nifty-difty somethin'-somethin' that will allow me to use luer lock sets with my Paradigm pump? Are you feeling a little jealous?? Would you like to know what this handy-dandy new somethin' is and how YOU can get one???

   Well, my friend..................................TOO BAD.

   This is a Friday teaser. I'm leaving this one hanging but good MWA-hahahahaha Pump_cartoon hahahaha!

   Rest assured, this is not a prank. The somethin' I speak of does indeed exist and I have samples coming to me to try out. Whether or not you have to wait until I've tried out said samples before I tell you where I got 'em from...well, guess you'll just have to keep checking. I may keep it to myself for an indeterminate amount of time. Then again, I may feel benevolent and give it up. Let's see, shall we?

   Ahhhhh, love a good Friday teaser; what a way to start the weekend!!!

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